Sandus Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride

The Sandum Flag outside le Palaso d'Etato, or the Palace of State.
The Sandum Flag outside le Palaso d’Etato, or the Palace of State.

The Palace of State hosted members of the Sôgmô’s queer family today to celebrate and finish off Sandum celebrations of LGBTQ+ Pride Week in Sandus, which is an annual national holiday falling on the Gregorian week of XXVIII Iunio (28 June) – the anniversary of the Stonewall Revolution. The Sôgmô made several pizzas, played LGBTQ+ Pride music, and toured the local area of the Palace of State in Kremlum Sandus Province with members of his “quamily,” as the familial group is called colloquially. The Gay and Bi Pride flags hung from the railing of the Palace’s balcony as the group discussed personal life, activism, and activities each have been doing in the past month.

This is the first time a public event has been celebrated in Sandus for a national holiday such as this; all previous celebrations for national holidays have been private, involving only the Sôgmô himself. This public celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Week at the Palace of State foreshadows the Sôgmô’s public intentions to celebrate the Armilustrium next Octobro (October) publicly with friends, family, and Sandum-aligned people in attendance.

The celebration comes at the end of LGBTQ+ Pride Week in Sandus, an important State holiday, and after much political work has been done in Sandus in the past season to advance LGBTQ+ activism in Sandus.

Happy Pride!

LGBT Pride 2014 - flags