Preparations made for HM Adam I’s State Visit

The poster for the official state visit of HM Adam I to Kremlum Sandus Province, State of Sandus.

The poster for the official state visit of HM Adam I to Kremlum Sandus Province, State of Sandus.

HM Adam I of Uberstadt will visit Kremlum Sandus Province on X Quintilo MMXIV (10 July 2014) during his tour of the Mid-Atlantic coast of North America. HM Adam will join the Sôgmô that morning and will leave with the Sôgmô for le Palaso d’Etato (the Palace of State) in Kremlum Sandus Province, where he will be formally received by the Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola. The relations between Sandus and Uberstadt have been very close between the two fraternal nations. The King of Uberstadt took part in the CCPS Party Conference in Novembro MMXIII (November 2013) in addition to being a close friend and ally of the State of Sandus.

The Sôgmô and the King will discuss the recent creation of the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact and Sandus’s membership there, Uberstadt’s potential future status as a socilivanço, and the future of Sandum-Uberstadti cooperation in Economic and Socialist affairs. Both heads of state will also tour Kremlum Sandus, the traditional homeland of Sandus, and may tour the Middle Patuxent River or the historic district the Province in Ellicott City. The official state visit is a part of the Sôgmô’s new administrative change in the past few months to make Sandus more open to the broader world, as a part of Sandus’s CCPS Year Plan 2014 for social and political changes.

This official state visit will mark Sandus’s first visit by a head of state to its sovereign territory and both leaders’ first state visit as micronationalists. The state visit comes several days before the Sôgmô departs for Italy, where the Sôgmô will visit Latium and Tuscany for a personal holiday and personal research — despite being initially intended for PoliNations 2014. The Sôgmô returns later in Quintilo (July) via Moscow, Russia.

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