Sandus & Zealandia sign Ground-Breaking Partnership Agreement

Sandus and Zealandia have signed a ground-breaking partnership agreement between both states, envisioning increased cooperation on LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy. The agreement comes on the the first day of Sandus’s national holiday of LGBT Pride Week, celebrated de XXIII ad XXIX Iunio (23 – 29 June). The agreement comes after several weeks of negotiations and deliberations by both parties. The agreement serves a dual purpose of envisioning cooperation between Sandus and Zealandia on LGBTQ+ advocacy and political action and of mutual non-aggression; a treaty of mutual non-aggression was in place between Sandus and Zealandia up until Ianuario MMXII (January 2013) when the treaty was nullified following the 2012-2013 GUM Leadership Scandal.

This is the first time Sandus has ever signed a partnership agreement with another nation-state in order to serve a specific purpose, and it is the first known occasion in recent micronational history where a partnership agreement has been signed – particularly with the specific purpose of serving LGBTQ+ advocacy. With Sandus considering cooperative diplomacy with multiple other micronations, it is likely that this partnership agreement will become the model with Sandus’s diplomatic cooperation with Uberstadt, Austenasia, Renasia, Ashukovo, Bysalia, Hélianthis, Daikoku, Ariana, and other future states.

The signing of the partnership agreement comes after a joint statement made by the leaders of Sandus and Zealandia on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia on XVII Maio (17 May).

The text of the agreement is below:



The State of Sandus and The Commonwealth of Zealandia

This AGREEMENT of PARTNERSHIP and JOINT COMMUNIQUE ON NEW SOUTH SCOTLAND is made as of 22 June 2014, by and between the State of Sandus and the Commonwealth of Zealandia.

I. Formation
The undersigned hereby form a general partnership of friendship and mutual recognition between themselves and their respective dominions, territories and other self governed possessions.

II. Name
The name of the treaty shall be Sandus – Zealandia Association and Partnership agreement and Joint Communiqué on Human Rights and LGBTQIA Rights.

III. Term
The Partnership shall begin upon ratification by both parties and shall continue until it is either superseded by treaty agreement or disposed of via the methods mentioned in this treaty.

IV. Purpose
The purpose of the Partnership shall be to formally establish diplomatic relations between Sandus and Zealandia in addition to providing a joint platform to campaign on Human and LGBTQIA rights issues.

V. Meetings
Periodic meetings shall be held regularly between representatives of Sandus and Zealandia and Zealandia.

VI. Mutual Recognition
Both parties shall recognise each other’s integral territory, rightful government and systems of government.

VII. Diplomatic Relations
Each party shall establish diplomatic relations with each other.

VIII. Use of ID Cards in entering Zealandia
Residents of Zealandia and Sandus shall be able to enter each other using ID cards issued by their respective state parties (Zealandia and Sandus) where applicable.

IX. Mediation
Should a diplomatic dispute arise:
Both parties shall attempt to mediate.
All parties shall not resort to further military action if it has been taken.
The parties shall establish protecting powers and a neutral mediator agreeable to both parties.

X. Termination of Partnership
This may be terminated by agreement of the parties should it be superseded by a further treaty or upon gross violation of this treaty.
Each party shall give a week’s written notice before suspending diplomatic relations or terminating the treaty.

XI. Forbidden Acts
No party shall:
Have the right or authority to bind or obligate the Partnership to any extent whatsoever with regard to any matter outside the scope of this treaty or further treaties.

This treaty shall be binding upon the respective parties to this treaty.


the Honourable Gaius Sörgel Publicola, Sôgmô of Sandus
On behalf of the State of Sandus.

Her Majesty Astrid, Queen of Zealandia and Grand Duke of the Zealandians.
On behalf of the Commonwealth of Zealandia.