Summer Solstice MMXIV: Returning to Our Commitments

Ave, Sandum Citizens!


Since 2011, the Summer Solstice has been an important administrative day for all of us in Sandus. It marks a day of reflection for all the charitable work and loving-kindness we have done in the past season; it marks a day of seeing how far Sandus has come as a micronation since the last Spring Equinox; and, it marks a day of returning to our commitments that we have set for ourselves in Sandus.

This Solstice, Sandus is concerned with its social and economic policies. It is concerned with how Tellus will operate in the future, as Sandus prepares for the completion of the 2015 Economic Goal. It is concerned with our economic progress towards that goal. It is concerned with how Sandus continues to find new ways to express its social policies and finding new policy solutions for old and new problems. It is concerned with how Sandus continues to express its Philosophy of loving-kindness and compassion to all people in new and more nuanced ways. It is concerned with how Sandus attracts new citizens to her frontiers, for those whose internal philosophies are synonymous with Sandus’s national Philosophy. It is concerned with how Sandus will continue to develop its Socialist system under the Party, the Central People’s Government, and the cooperative system.

Changes to the Census:
The census has been a long-standing tradition for the solstices and equinoxes. The census keeps the logs of all active and formal Sandum citizens, including who is a CCPS member and a member of cooperative. The census has often been an simple process of the Sôgmô going around to citizens, asking if information has been changed. The form used to update the census, the CEN01 form, has been seldom used because it has been on the Sôgmô’s hard-drive. Now, however, the CEN01 form has been made into a form accessible by Google Drive, returning to Sandus’s recent commitment to make government accessible and open to all citizens. With the new accessible CEN01 form, citizens can write in the information they want to change — and not put all information down. This makes this process both easier and shorter in time, as citizens do not need to put down all of their information for the Solstices and Equinoxes.
Other changes to the Census include an early census period stretching to the Gregorian week before the Solstice or Equinox itself. Sandum citizens have often had to stress at the last minute to complete the form, often with the Sôgmô reminding them and pressuring them to complete it. Now, the Office of the Sôgmô will remain committed to making government easy and accessible for citizens, as the census will now be offered for the entire Gregorian week before the administrative day itself.

Sandus’s Philanthropic Contributions in Spring MMXIV:
Sandus has a unique tradition of requiring its citizens to volunteer or donate money to causes and people who are in need of help. Sandus is a nation of philanthropists, of people who display philanthropía or ‘love of mankind’. As a part of the Sandum Philosophy and the obligations of citizens, Sandus’s charity taxes are a part of Sandus’s contribution to the wider world and the obligation that grants Socilivae and Civilae the right of suffrage in Sandum national referenda.
Sandus’s philanthropic contributions in Spring MMXIV include over $139.00 USD, which – for a nation of three currently active citizens of college students – is a tremendously large amount! Over 120 hours of volunteer work has also been completed by Sandum citizens this season. Sandum citizens have been active in Spring MMXIV with tutoring students free of charge, studying the Buddhist dharma full-time in a foreign country and practicing charity and loving-kindness, and donating time volunteering with non-profits like Human Rights Connected. Sandum citizens have donated their time to LGBT Pride Parades, have donated time to celebrate Lent, and to organise political and activist action in and out of Sandus. Sandum citizens have had countless important and fundamental conversations on the nature of social issues and social problems that face all of us.
All of these things display Sandus’s continuous and undying commitment to loving-kindness as a response to suffering.

Fundamental Work in Sandus:
The following is a summary of all work completed in Sandus since XX Martio, the Spring Equinox, taken from policy projections published since then:

We have purchased the website.
We have celebrated the Spring Equinox.
We have proposed a 1-2 hour long office hour in the evenings for the Office of the Sôgmô.
We have prepared for sending a delegate, if possible, to the Montanian Summit in Iunio MMXIV (June 2014).
We have added a Citizenship page to, including forms for citizenship.
We have received over 350 views to the State of Sandus Facebook page, following the introduction of Sandus to the internet domain.
We have instituted a transitional curriculum for Kremlum Sandus State College.
We have celebrated the Festivals of Salus and Selene.
We have created a commemorative flag for the upcoming Third Anniversary of the Foundation of the State of Sandus.
We have celebrated Trans*Day of Visibility (TDoV) for the first time.
We have sent a message of best wishes to the Kingdom and People of Uberstadt.
We have completed the general layout of the website.
We have received news the Sôgmô was engaged to Jacob Tierney, until…
We have learned that the Sôgmô was quickly engaged for April Fool’s.
We have celebrated the Veneralia and the Festival of Fortuna.
We have announced plans to rename the major gods of the Sandum civic pantheon.
We have prepared for the celebration of the Foundation of the State of Sandus.
We have celebrated wholly Sandum photography and photographic art.
We have worked on
We have celebrated the end of the Winter administrative season.
We have laid down the Economic Objectives for MMXIV (2014).
We have announced the Office of the Sôgmô’s office hours.
We have purchased the prescribed mint plant for Tellus’s activity in the Springtime.
We have published a new Sandum song, «Look at How I was Abused».
We have celebrated the Festival of Demeter.
We have celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Foundation of the State of Sandus.
We have conducted the first office hours.
We have completed first degree pages on our website.
We have prepared a Maio MMXIV (May 2014) holiday card, and have sent it to printing.
We have celebrated the Sôgmô’s birthday.
We have responded to diplomatic pressure from the states of Kaleido and of Ariana.
We have published the new, Sancta names of the Di Consentes and of the Olympian gods.
We have invited HM King Adam I of Überstadt to visit the State of Sandus in Iunio/Quintilo (June/July).
We have announced the list of courses for KSSC.
We have shared the philosophy of Sandus through a statement on detachment.
We have celebrated Remembrance Day and the Lemuria in Sandus.
We have visited Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA to commemorate the Lemuria.
We have completed the About Sandus page on
We have prepared and celebrated International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT).
We have shared a personal story of transphobia from our Trans* liaison Danny Marshall.
We have shared the philosophy of Sandus, expressed in verses 277-279 of the Dhammapada.
We have completed the Office of the Sôgmô page on
We have begun the idea for an International Centre for Micropatriological Studies.
We have sponsored 84000, a charity for translating the Buddhist Dharma, for Charity Taxes.
We have completed the Sande Amici exhibit Victorious May and shared photos of the exhibit.
We have raised awareness for Bisexual health and activism, following IDAHOBIT.
We have looked back on the history of Sandus, particularly on the naming of Sandefreistikhan.
We have released music through Channum Unum to celebrate the Day of Creation.
We have completed almost half of all pages.
We have celebrated the Day of Creation, Sandum Independence Day, and the Fifth Anniversary of Sandus.
We have visited the Middle Patuxent River, offered prayers, and have meditated on Sandus’s creation there.
We have addressed the nation on the Fifth Anniversary of the Creation of Sandus.
We have established the Royal Library of Sandus.
We have stood against misogyny and sexism through the #YesAllWomen movement.
We have attended a local high school graduation and congratulated the graduates.
We have mourned the passing of Maya Angelou.
We have shared the Everyday Sexism project in Sandus’s role in the #YesAllWomen movement.
We have begun discussions on the International Centre for Micropatriological Studies.
We have completed syllabi for CIV000, CIV010, and CIV020.
We have announced plans for the first ever by-law to be written for the Collegio Sacerdae.
We have completed the subpages of the “About Sandum Culture” section, including “About Sandum Holidays”, “About Sandum Media”, “About the Sandum Philosophy”, and “About the Sandum Political Theories”.
We have published an opinion piece about the New South Scotland piece and the need for micropatriology as a result.
We have celebrated the festival of Bellona.
We have created a new cover photo for the Sandum Facebook page to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride in Sandus.
We have put forth the dates of the LGBTQ+ Pride Week 2014 celebrated this month.
We have completed the “About the Sandum Republic” page.
We have remembered 70 years since D-Day.
We have met with Emperor Taeglan of the Reylan Triumvirate.
We have celebrated LGBTQ+ Pride at the Capital Pride Parade.
We have completed the “About the Structure of Government” page.
We have created a new header for, in order to celebrate 45 years since the Stonewall Revolution.
We have celebrated the Vestalia.
We have worked on the Royal Library of Sandus database.
We have planted radishes for Tellus Agrarian Cooperative.
We have done research on possible future plants for Tellus, including romaine lettuce and celery.
We have envisioned new ways in which the Collegio Sacerdae can become economically active ahead of the 2015 Economic Goal.
We have worked diplomatically on the Saint Josephsburg Summit and its ramifications.
We have planned out a joint arts and crafts cooperative.
We have reorganised the digital database of Sandus, accessible through DropBox.
We have considered a new project and program for citizens’ involvement and activity.
We have confirmed Sandus for membership in the future Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact.
We have done work to renovate the Sande Amici parcel on Second Life.
We have done work towards LGBT Pride Week.
We have celebrated the Festival of Zeus.

The Emblem of the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus depicts the Statue of Zeus upon His throne at Olympia.
The Emblem of the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus depicts the Statue of Zeus upon His throne at Olympia.

Awarding the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus (MHOTS):
Since last summer, Sandus has stopped awarding the MHOTS seasonally. Instead, the MHOTS is awarded as events require it for Sandum Citizens and our friends and allies who have made impressive contributions to Sandus. The recipient this Solstice, however, is unconventional. She is the first woman to be awarded the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus, but she falls outside of the MicroWiki community and even out of conventional micronationalism. She has affected Sandus as a confidant of the Sôgmô and has often sought to learn more about Sandus and to extend to the State her expert opinion and her advice when we asked for it. The Sôgmô knows her from Second Life, a virtual world home to countless numbers of estates and virtual micronations, where the he met her in ROMA — a classically themed estate and virtual micronation dedicated to Rome. Her work as Virgo Vestalis Maxima in the Collegia Religio Romana of ROMA has involved the Sacra Flameno of our own Collegio Sacerdae and her anthropological expertise has provided the State of Sandus with much work and resolutions to problems facing Sandus, Sandum Culture, and our work towards both. Without this confidant of the Sôgmô, Sandum culture would be far more undeveloped — and we hope that she will continue to provide her expertise to Sandus and Her work in the future.

Thus, it is our great privilege to announce that Angelia Rees has been awarded membership in the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus!
Congratulations, Angelia Rees MOTS!

Thus, it is with the awarding of the MHOTS that we conclude our report this Solstice. Happy Solstice to all Sandum Citizens, friends and allies of Sandus, and Sandum-aligned peoples!