Collegio Sacerdae passes First Sandum By-Law

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The College of Priests, known by its Sancta name Collegio Sacerdae, has promulgated a by-law pertaining to the internal organisation of the College. Promulgated by the Sacra Flameno Gaius Sörgel, the by-law is a first for both the College and for the entire cooperative system in Sandus. The by-law establishes smaller groups in the College dedicated to areas of a certain focus, including religious expression and the editorial board for the College’s newspaper Sacerdotium. The by-law also addresses concerns with membership; functions of the College in terms of religious activity, economic activity, and academic activity; the naming of Sancta gods; and the spaces of the Collegio.

View the article published by the College here on Sacerdotium.
View the By-Law here.

Since this is the first by-law to be enacted by any cooperative in Sandus, it marks a new administrative milestone in Sandus and provides experience for present and future cooperatives on how cooperatives enact by-laws concerning their activities and functions. Future problems to the promulgation of by-laws will relate to workers’ democracy and a cooperative’s self-government in relation to oversight from the Office of the Sôgmô, as future workers’ democracies in cooperatives are established. Workers’ democracies in cooperatives will likely follow a similar trend as the increased democratisation of the State of Sandus since Septembro MMXI (September 2011) when the Office of the Sôgmô became an elected position.