Tellus begins Seasonal Work

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Tellus Agrarian Cooperative has begun its seasonal work before the Summer solstice. The Sôgmô, who has been on personal leave from the bulk of his responsibilities in Sandus, has returned to work with the planting of radish seed left over from the previous season. The Sôgmô will spend the next week to see if the seeds germinate, considering the outdated seeds. Should the seeds not sprout, the Sôgmô will purchase new seeds and replant radishes.

The mint plant purchased by the Sôgmô earlier this Spring season continues to grow and prosper since it was a small plant when the Sôgmô originally purchased it. The mint plant will be transplanted into a larger pot in the coming days. Future additions to Tellus’s crops will include a special type of lettuce plant that is able to be regrown after its leaves have been taken off. The addition of this lettuce plant will be important for the creation of salad gastronomy in Sandus and the introduction of an important sacrificial and religious plant to the religion and people of Kemet, or ancient Egypt. The future lettuce plant, once discovered and introduced to Tellus, will likely become an important vegetable for the State of Sandus and for the ancient Egyptian rites of the Collegio Sacerdae.

— Sôgmô Sörgel