Sôgmô establishes the Royal Library

Royal Library BrS Logo

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Sôgmô has established the Royal Library of Sandus, located in the Palace of State in Kremlum Sandus Province. The Royal Library will be available to Sandum citizens upon request, though the library is not likely to prepare for interlibrary loan into the near future. The library, which has some hundreds of books, will have sections for reference, help and guide books, classical, historical, religious and philosophical books, and non-fiction literary books. A search engine will be developed in stages for the new Royal Library page under the Cooperative’s heading. The first task, however, is compiling all bibliographic information onto a database before any work on a search engine can be done. The name of the Royal Library of Sandus in the two other Sandum official languages shall be (Français) Bibliothèque royale de Sandus and (Sancta) Bibliothequo regala de Sandus. The abbreviation for this institution shall be BrS.

— Sôgmô Sörgel