Policy Projection: II – VIII Maio MMXIV

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

We have published the names of the new Sancta gods.
We have published the proposed course list for the CIV/SOC degrees at Kremlum Sandus State College.
We have celebrated Easter.
We have celebrated Revolutionaries’ Day.
We have commemorated Aprilo (April) as the month of Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Awareness.
We have announced that the Uberstadti King will visit here in Quintilo (July).
We have added a new Sandum citizen!
We have received holiday cards for Victorious May!
We have prepared for Maia (May) Holidays.
We have worked on the second-degree pages for “About Sandus”.
We have celebrated May Day, also known as Labour Day.
We have released an address for the month.

In the upcoming week,
We shall prepare the CIV100 Civic Engagement for Civilae course for peregrae citizens, publish its syllabus, and complete video lectures.
We shall prepare syllabi for several other courses for Kremlum Sandus State College.
We shall complete the subpages for the Sandus.org’s “Central People’s Government” section.
We will enumerate various trades and crafts which can be constructed in Sandus, pursuant to the Economic Objectives for MMXIV (2014).
We shall receive and send out holiday cards for Maio (May).

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, le Dua B Maio MMXIV, to the 8th, l’Huita H Maio MMXIV, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days on the 9th of May, le Nuova A Maio MMXIV.

Office Hours for next week are suspended, pending the Sôgmô’s final fortnight at University for this semester.