Sôgmô lays down Economic Objectives for 2014

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Two weeks later than the Party’s Year Plan asked for them, the Office of the Sôgmô has finally announced this year’s Economic Objectives. These economic objectives lay down the proposed route of economic development in Sandus after the turning of the seasons following Winter. The choice of today, the Festival of Fortuna — the goddess of fortune — and also the day when Winter officially ends in Sandus, implies that Sandus is to set work immediately on economic and social development in the new administrative season.

The Economic Objectives for MMXIV (2014) are:

  • Learn to garden and maintain plants until the harvest.
  • Learn a craft or trade which is pragmatic and serves a purpose.
  • Establish a general Sandum crafts or trade cooperative.
  • Plan for future development of specific trade cooperatives.
  • Develop donation-taxation initiative by the Bureau of the Treasury.
  • Establish the first initiatives of the All-Citizens United Plan that we will use from the donation tax income.
    ex., codify the Sôgmô’s private trans*-binder policy
  • Encourage those with trades and expertise to become active citizens in Sandus;
    Organise events to work towards the initiatives of social welfare, organise classes, and events for Sandum community.

Broad Economic Objectives for MMXV (2015) were also drawn up. These shall be expanded later in Novembro MMXIV (November 2014) for the next year’s Party Year Plan.

  • Focus on active and organised cooperatives.
  • Begin to sell and exchange Sandum products and merchandise both in and out of Sandus.
  • First payment of salaries to Sandum workers in cooperatives.
  • Beginning of certain welfare programs falling under the All-Citizens United Plan.

— Sôgmô Sörgel