State College affirms Transitional Curriculum as adds Citizenship form

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Office of the Sôgmô has announced this morning it will accept a standard transitional curriculum for the Kremlum Sandus State College, dependent on the amount of courses available. As the Office of the Sôgmô continues to work on the CIV100 course, the capstone course for a 12-credit civila degree, the immediate requirements that all peregrae or auxiliary citizens take State College courses and receive a State College civila degree become untenable.

The transitional curriculum shall be as such:

  • Transitional degrees that have been completed with only the CIV100 course shall be considered “Degree α” as an alpha degree that should be completed once the State College is fully functional; credits can be granted according to the activity and time spent as a citizen but may not surpass 4 credits.
  • Transitional degrees that have been completed with the CIV100 and only 1 other course completed shall be considered “Degree β” as the next level in academic attainment, when a course other than CIV100 is available.
  • Transitional degrees that have been completed with the CIV100 and only 2-3 other courses available to be completed (all of which must be completed) shall be considered “Degree γ” as the final level of transitional degrees, when 12-credits can be feasibly attained.
  • Degrees after 4 or 5 course have been added to the schedule of courses shall be considered the official and final degrees for Kremlum Sandus State College, when the civila degree becomes final and tenable.

The adding of the transitional curriculum comes after the PC-1E and SC-1E forms have been added to the new website, enabling more people to apply for Sandum citizenship without having to request a form from a State official directly. On XXVII Martio (27 March), the Office of the Sôgmô announced that a tremendous amount of work for working towards the Second Philia Advance, intended to make Sandus more “open to the world,” had been successful in making Sandus more public and being capable of reaching to nearly three dozen new people in one week and receiving more than 350 views to its Facebook page; since the introduction of the Second Philia Advance, as well, Veritum Sandus and the new website have received twice as many average views and the website received nearly 100 views on the day in which it announced it had purchased the website — a testament to Sandus’s new work for making itself public to the world.

In addition to the technological advancements of Sandus making the State more open to the world, the liaison program that was recently adopted in Decembro MMXIII (December 2013) has seen its first recent possible breakthrough. Under the program, the liaisons represent certain important fields of concern to the Office of the Sôgmô. A trans* laision was recently selected and accepted into the liaison program and, thanks to his work, Sandus may possible cooperate with the ΘΠΣ gender-neutral and LGBTQ-oriented chapter, the One Project, and the LGBT Equity Centre at the University of Maryland to commemorate important LGBTQ days of recognition. This cooperation would happen in the Fall Semester of 2014, if approved, and would be a benchmark in Sandus’s Second Philia Advance objectives if accomplished.

— Sôgmô Sörgel