Sôgmô begins «Liaison» program

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Sôgmô has recently contacted three candidates for the liaison program, begun last month Decembro (December). The Sôgmô has so far contacted liaisons intended for the Collegio Sacerdae, Black community topics and issues, and Latin@ community topics and issues. The Office of the Sôgmô has a long list of candidates for each position according to the interests of various members and their activities in civic society. The communities and topics designated to have liaisons will include social and technological topics and interests tht will be important for the State of Sandus. Of topics, these include computer and internet, engineering, Black community, Jewish community, Muslims and Middle Eastern topics, Israeli-Palestinian peace topics, Iranian topics, Latin@ and Hispanic community, Women & Gender topics, Trans* topics, LGBTQ topics, Classical topics, Christian community, and others in the future. Currently, the names of the liaisons are to be kept confidential until all liaison-candidates have been contacted and until we are given the ability to release the names and offices of the liaisons.

The liaison program was begun in Decembro MMXIII (December 2013) by Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola in order to learn more about issues and topics facing Sandum policy, to guide Sandum policy, and to advance Sandum work in various fields — including philanthropic work as determined by the Sandum Philosophy. The Sôgmô will complete the commencement of this program by the end of Ianuario MMXIII (January 2014).

— Sôgmô Sörgel