Sôgmô’s Statement: Shooting at the Mall in Columbia

Ave, Sandum Citizens!


This morning, at approximately 11:15 Sandum Local Time, a gunman walked into a local store named Zumiez at the Mall in Columbia within Kremlum Sandus Province’s territory. The gunman fatally shot and killed the manager of the store as well as another employee there, before he committed suicide. Federal agents of the United States have considered the possibility of it being a domestic-linked act of violence, whereas a spokesman for Howard County Police – the local police department – has stressed what it is too soon to jump to that conclusion. What we do know, however, is that three young people (both victims were 21 and 25, respectively) have been shot and killed and another five have been injured.

No Sandum citizens were at the Mall in Columbia at the time, yet many friends of citizens were in the Mall at the time and have described the chaotic scenes as teens and adults fled the scene in terror.

In Sandus, we are motivated by our Philosophy to view the suffering this creates for those who continue to live in the wake of this incident. The terror this event created for those in the Mall extends to loved ones, friends, and acquaintances who were in, around, or travelling to the Mall at the time of the shooting can only be matched by our determination that violent events like these may not happen in our world. It is the hope of the Sandum People, who find both hope and trust in the beauty and happiness of mankind, that all acts of violence can be extinguished: if not in our world, in our State and its territorial claims.

If you or a love one have experienced grief, stress, or trauma due to today’s events, we encourage you contact a counsellor or a bereavement therapist. Otherwise, discuss today’s events with friends and loved ones in order to alleviate the stress and anxiety this event has undoubtedly created for many of us in the Kremlum Sandus community. You may contact KremlumSandus@gmail.com for more information or for discussing today’s events.

Under my hand as Sôgmô, I, Gaius Sörgel Publicola, authorise a mourning, bereavement, and good-will period of nine days for the entirety of the State of Sandus. Government work shall continue as scheduled and as appropriate, but policy projections shall be suspended.

Legal notice: the advice of the State of Sandus does not represent professional counselling or psychiatric advice.