Sôgmô establishes Further Sandus Province

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Coat of Arms of Further Sandus
The coat of arms of the new Further Sandus Province, or Sandus Ulterior.

After renewed interest in Sandum citizenship from foreigners and from the article published earlier this month on important policies to advance Sandus’s Pax Sanda, the Office of the Sôgmô has formally announced its new decision to accept the provincial distinction of Further Sandus Province, or Sandus Ulterior, for Sandum civilae (full citizens) in citizenship applications and census information. The addition of Further Sandus Province to the provincial system of Sandus represents a pragmatic approach to the State of Sandus’s involvement with Sandum citizens throughout the world, as it opens up citizenship rosters to potential citizens outside the territorial borders of the State of Sandus.

Sandus Ulterior has no distinct territory except as defined by future citizens. The provincial system is guided from the provinces of the Roman Republic and the Roman Principate, which represent a Roman magistrates area of operation. Each locality and municipality within a province may have a different legal status and different political rights and many of these areas were able to be self-governed. While no region in Sandus possesses the right of self-governance yet, even as there exist no other sub-regional distinctions beneath the provinces at this time, this distinction in Roman law between socii and amici will be an important pragmatic ideal in developing the rights of certain localities within the Further Sandus Province, which may be spread out throughout the world. Although the socilivae states correspond to socii in the Roman Republic, the distinction between the two is what matters for intra-provincial governance when the time is appropriate. Furthermore, Sandus will operate differently from the Roman provinces, as Sandum provinces are distinctly under Sandus’s condominium or micronational sovereignty and are not semi-autonomous geographical regions.

Although Further Sandus Province currently has no population, it is expected that those who live outside Kremlum Sandus Province and who are interested in Sandum citizenship will help to shape Sandus’s growing urge for shared government and socialist democracy. As is the case in Sandus’s age today, we are establishing our foundations: in time, Sandus will aspire to higher causes and higher actions.

— Sôgmô Sörgel