Tellus: this Spring will bring Mint

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Office of the Sôgmô has announced preliminary work for the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative this upcoming Spring season, which will see the introduction of herbs to the repertoire of Tellus. The first herb to be selected is mint, an herb which is easy to grow and maintain. The Sôgmô shall keep one plant in his current residence on the University of Maryland campus and shall keep another at le Palaso d’Etato. Future plants shall include lavender — a herb that is also a symbol of le Jouro de Secessio  (“the Day of Secession”) and Libera in Sandus, aloe vera, and possibly a lemon or orange dwarf tree — which produces fruit. All of these have been designated by the Daily Green as acceptable for dormitory, apartment, and indoor growth gardening.

Lavender will likely be purchased and planted before XX Februario (20 February) — the date of the Secession from St.Charlie — and mint will be purchased later today, this week, or within the next few weeks.

Future work and consideration of the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative will likely conclude more work to be done. Sometime in Februario (February), the Sôgmô shall prepare for the planting of cabbage plants, which require a near month-long germination period. Tellus will begin with radish production sometime in Aprilo (April) of next Sancta year, MMXIV. A future arrangement may be made with the sister of the Sôgmô, who resides in a house near the University of Maryland campus, in order to secure land for gardening.

The last crop of the Agrarian Cooperative was begun in Quintilo (July) of this past year for radishes — a crop which ultimately failed. One aim of the Sôgmô’s current liaison program is to attract a gardener in order to teach and mentor the Cooperative and the Sôgmô on gardening. So far, however, no candidates stand out to the Office of the Sôgmô.

May Sandus be benefited by the effort to build up Sandus’s economic power and infrastructure!
May we benefit one another by striving for the All-Citizens United plan!

— Sôgmô Sörgel