Policy Projection: IX – XVI Ianuario MMXIII

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

We have celebrated the New Gregorian Year and the Festival of Eirene.
We have published the new Sandum song «Sandum Philosophy – Long, Long Live!»
We have prepared for the le Secessio holiday cards.
We have prepared for the bulk of the le Secessio Musical concert.
We have written an article on the new Further Sandus Province, Kremlum Sandus State College, and preparations for the Liaison program.
We have specified a few ideas for leitourgíes for Ianuario (January) as the month of the Pax Sanda.
We have prepared for the promulgation of the Kremlum Sandus State College.

In the upcoming week,
We shall create and order this year’s le Secessio holiday cards.
We shall order medals for three years of le Secessio.
We shall conduct more work on the le Secessio Musical Concert.
We shall publish various minor pieces of literature on Sandus, the importance of Sandus, and social activism through Sandus.
We shall perform leitourgía and prepare for Ianuario’s (January’s) holidays.
We shall research options for Tellus Agrarian Cooperative’s work in the Spring.
We shall prepare the CIV100 Civic Engagement for Civilae course for peregrae citizens and publish its syllabus.
We shall promulgate the Kremlum Sandus State College.
We shall contact candidates for the liaison program.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, le Nuova Ianuario MMXIII, to the 8th, le Dixa-Sexa H Ianuario MMXIII, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days on the 17th of January, le Dixa-Septa A Ianuario MMXIII.