Ianuario — Month of the Pax Sanda

Ave, Sandum Citizens!


Throughout the recent Sandum past, Ianuario (January) has been a month of much activity for the Sandum State. Though never primarily celebrated, this month is clouded by festivities and holidays to the ancient goddesses of peace and welfare: Pax (Greek: Eirene), Concordia (Greek: Harmonia), and Felicitas. Much like how the Quintila (July) festivals of the Lucaria, Neptunalia, and Furrinalia are the holidays for preserving the country from drought and excessively high temperatures, these festivals have inadvertently been three festivals for the preservation and advancement of the Sovereign People’s weal: much like how the rise of Tellus have transformed the importance of the three Quintila (July) festivals, so too should these festivals have larger prominence in Sandus. However, this article isn’t about the festivals or holidays themselves — a post like that would be relegated to Sacerdotium — this post is about how Sandus will perpetuate the Pax Sanda that has been a hallmark of the reign of the State of Sandus, pursuant to the CCPS Year Plan for MMXIV (2014).

Creation of Further Sandus Province:
The State of Sandus shall create the citizen distinction for “Further Sandus Province” — a province designation for civilae citizens who do not reside in the traditional Sandum homeland of Kremlum Sandus Province. This new Province shall directly meet the first part of the Year Plan’s objective for the strengthening of the Provincial system. The name is derived from the distinction between two Roman Republican provinces in Spain: Hispania Citerior (Nearer Spain) and Hispania Ulterior (Further Spain). Another name for the Province may be Ulterior, for “Further” or “Thither” in Latin.

Promulgation of Kremlum Sandus State College:
Many micronations tend to have universities, intended to tutor or teach others on a vast number of subjects. Sandus has long opposed this fervour and disregarded it as unrealistic and as a distraction for pragmatic advancement. However, as Sandus moves towards the strengthening of citizenship and as interest grows in the Sandum citizenship, there exists a need to teach a course on Sandum citizenship and the hallmarks of the State of Sandus. Pursuant to the CCPS Year Plan objective for citizen growth and the encouragement of citizen activity, as well as the policy projection for CIV100 Civic Engagement for Civilae course, the Office of the Sôgmô promulgate a state college, much like a community college, for peregraesocilivae, and civilae who desire to learn more about Sandus, micronationalism, and — especially for peregrae — to pass the citizenship requirement. In the future, attaining a civila certificate from the college may be a requirement for peregrae citizens. In the future, as well, courses will be developed and offered for Sandum history and culture, micronational history and micropatriology, and understanding the Sandum politics of LiberaRealism, and Philia. The State College will be promulgated within the next fortnight, likely on the symbolic days of XII, XVI ou XVII Ianuario (12, 16, or 17 January).

Preparations for the Liaison program:
The State of Sandus has determined that a program for liaison to the Central People’s Government shall be created in order to help Sandus develop specific policies, programs, and perceptions on certain political and social movements, as well as certain liaisons for the aiding of Sandus in developing its infrastructure. Of these social and political liaisons, certain communities and topic issues will be invested in with the price of certain liaisons, such as the Black, Latin, Asian, Indigenous Peoples, Jewish, Homosexual and Bisexual, Trans*, Christian, Muslim, et alii communities. For the development of Sandum infrastructure, liaisons shall be established for economic, financial, technological, horticultural, human rights, and charitable/development concerns — amongst others, if they should arise. In the next few weeks, job descriptions will be made for each of these liaisons and letters shall be sent to those the Office of the Sôgmô considers best-suited for the job; there may be multiple liaisons per issue and multiple issues per liaison.

Leitourgíes (liturgies) for Peace:
With the month of Ianuario (January) and the recent leitourgía program from the Office of the Sôgmô, specific cultural works shall be done for this month’s focus on peace and prosperity. From poems, lyrics, and artwork meant to express peace, the Sôgmô, civilae, and socilivae ought to consider what they think of peace and write, draw, sing, perform, et cetera about it. Of this, the Sôgmô has considered making posters of the snowy landscape in Kremlum Sandus for the month, in addition to asking about for keywords and descriptions of peace from Sandum citizens, friends, and allies in order to develop a compilation poster of those descriptions of peace. Finally, a food item and a cultural product or ornament shall be developed to symbolise peace for the Sandum culture and for the future.

With these major accomplishments at the end of the month, Sandus will prepare more ardently for the celebration of le Jouro de Secessio in late Februario (February).

May we have peace this month!

— Sôgmô Sörgel