Report: Summary of the Year’s Policy Conclusions

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

In a few weeks, the State of Sandus will celebrate the second anniversary of policy projections on X Ianuario MMXIII (10 January 2014). For now, however, we begin a new tradition of reviewing the past year’s conclusions of policy projections. Since the time when policy projections formed in MMXI (2012), Sandus has seen great advancement since the first year of the State of Sandus. In the past year, as well, we have advanced in many strong and fortunate ways — and it is deserving that we reflect on policy developments throughout the year.

Decembro MMXII (December 2012):
We have celebrated Athena’s Day in Novembro MMXII (November 2012).
We have consecrated the State Polytheist Shrine to Athena and All the Gods.
We have worked on the list of Sandum colloquialisms and sayings in our parlance.
We have studied bureaucracies and their evolution and implementation throughout history.
We have studied other cultures for the purpose of Sandum cultural advancement.
We have been preparing for the Winter Solstice by reviewing the current ballot and by reminding citizens to fulfil their taxes.
We have celebrated and marked several Collegio Sacerdae holidays: the festivals to Poseidon and the Bona Dea; the Faunalia; and, the Tiberinalia.
We have created a guide to all of the Collegio Sacerdae’s Decembra holidays.
We have worked on the list of sayings and symbols in Sandum parlance.
We have worked for the Winter Solstice on XXI Decembro, especially in terms of the election.
We have given the oaths of the civilo, cooperative officers, and government representatives to two citizens.
We have collected one ballot so far for the election.
We have created posters for the Winter holidays.
We have laid the basics of the Sandum le Secessio exhibit.
We have left the GUM as full-members and, instead, opted for observership, thereby reducing our membership.
We have asserted the progressive nature of our society and our government.
We have transitioned Citizen Sammut to a new bureaucratic role.
We have created new symbols and sayings in the Sandum parlance.

Ianuario MMXII (January 2013):
We have raised awareness for Sandum values, beliefs, and culture by several sets of notes.
We have done research on implementing a better consensus-based government system based on a council.
We have exposed a grave injustice done to our State by the administration of the GUM.
We have received a new, professionally made Sandum flag.
We have done more work on preparing for the Secession and for the New Year.
We have done research on the sovkhozy and kolkhozy of the Soviet Union.
We have pursued the Union State idea further with Renasian and Austenasian representatives.
We have attempted to reinvigorate the spirit of our citizens.
We have made effective policy projections for the news few months from the draft-email and publish them.
We have published two graphics on the effective structure of the government and the route of policy implementation of government.
We have worked to actively redefine the Sandum government from an elected absolute monarchy to a presidential socialist republic, stressed why both definitions are both are acceptable, and explained our usage of “monarchy” as a term.
We have created posters for le Secessio and the New Year, prepared the holiday cards, and worked on the concerts.
We have finished le Secessio concert.
We have begun work on the Sancta New Year concert.
We have begun researching Februario Collegio Sacerdae holidays.
We have done research on the Council idea.
We have ordered the holiday cards.
We have done research on volunteer work and donations available to Sandum citizens.

Februario MMXII (February 2013):
We have considered how to endorse more volunteer work.
We have expressed Sandum philosophy through art and literature.
We have received the cards for Le Secessio.
We have conducted more research on the Council idea and the holidays for Februario.
We have authored a report on the Council idea.
We have mailed holiday cards for Le Secessio.
We have highlighted what we can do for Februario on the Winter Quarter objectives.
We have urged — and received — citizens to create their own projects.
We have written a report on both work units and the 2015 Economic Goal.
We have completed and released the Le Secessio Concert.
We have worked on the Sancta New Year Concert.
We have summarised the Sancta lingual reforms.
We have conducted work on the culture of our State in terms of a new Embassy on Second Life and work done on the Minecraft Server.

Martio MMXIII (March 2013):
We have celebrated the Regifugia and the New Sancta Year,
We have expressed intentions to restore normal government function in Martio,
We have completed and published the New Year Concert and released The Flag Still Waves,
We have completed lingual reforms through the act of the Sancta Speech,
We have done research on Fresh Food from Small Spaces by R.J. Ruppenthal,
We have built a Sandum cultural and diplomatic embassy to Second Life,
We have begun work on articles for the Union State treaty.
We have authored an article on Realism and Libera in the celebrations of the New Sancta Year and le Secessio.
We have published a treatise on cultural advancement and the use of virtual worlds in accordance of Realism.
We have done research on the book Fresh Food from Small Spaces by R.J. Ruppenthal.
We have read the Lysistrata by Aristophanes and hope to perform it on Second Life after the LGBT Pride Week in Iunio.
We have renewed Veritum Sandus and have created new insignia for it.
We have completed building the Sandum Embassy on Second Life and are in the process of decorating it.
We have mourned the passing of Comrade President Hugo Chávez Frías.
We have created Sandum music videos.
We have worked on creating a photo album of Kremlum Sandus Province.
We have constructed consulates and worked on the embassy of the State of Sandus on Second Life.
We have worked on the Sandum Minecraft Server for the Philia Advance and have looked into extending its use.
We have prepared a poetry competition for the Equinox.
We have prepared for the Equinox.
We have published an article on this month’s Collegio holidays.
We have studied the list of objectives for the month of Martio.
We have worked on Veritum Sandus’s “About the State of Sandus” section.

Aprilo MMXIII (April 2013):
We have celebrated the Quinquatria and the Minervalia.
We have worked on the music of Sandus with the release of the patriotic national song “We Sandum People”.
We have completed the poetry contest to celebrate Spring.
We have conducted our work for the Vernal Equinox.
We have celebrated the Veneralia.
We have worked on posters for Sancta religious holidays and for the Foundation on XIII Aprilo (13 April).
We have decorated consulates and embassies.
We have made a decision on CCPS Congresses, pending an official announcement.
We have worked on educational programs.
We have decided to move the le Foundatio exhibit into the role of the above educational programs.
We have done more research on the mythologies of peoples around the world.
We have stood up for Sandus’s policy of anti-Racism, anti-Xenophobia, and anti-Sexism, as decreed by Article 8 of the Founding Law for policies of social progress.
We have apologised to those who believe our Government has acted too harshly towards those who have engaged in such racially-sensitive conversation.
We have applied and been accepted as full-members of the GUM.
We are preparing for the independence of Volfa and the future activity of citizenship under a new Sandum population.
We have begun peace mediations with Wyvern.
We have worked on the “About Sandus” section.
We have written and published course outlines for two primary educational courses.
We have prepared for the Foundation.
We have written a report on the departure of citizens and the end of biannual Party Congresses.
We have begun marking Child Abuse Awareness Month.
We have decreed this year’s commemoration of the Sôgmô’s birthday to be a royal holiday.

Maio MMXIII (May 2013):
We have celebrated the Foundation of the State of Sandus and the royal occasion of the Honourable Sôgmô’s birthday.
We have celebrated Revolutionaries’ Day.
We have commissioned holiday cards for the month of Maio (May).
We have celebrated Labour Day.
We have reported on the Kalends, Nones, and Ides.
We have reported on the purpose of cultural liberalisation in Sandus.
We have seen Volfa become independent.
We have prepared for Remembrance Day.
We have published a preliminary plan for a goal on economic development, called “All Citizens United”.
We have worked on the Minecraft server.
We have completed more than half of the “Founding Law & Citizens” text book.
We have celebrated Remembrance Day successfully.
We have responded to concerns over micronationalism in private.
We have worked on the “Founding Law & Citizens” text book.
We have marketed Sandus to those with similar philosophies.
We have established a new embassy for Sandus in Second Life.

Iunio MMXIII (June 2013):
There were no policy projections during this month. The Sôgmô visited Iceland and France in June 2013. As a result, minimal work was done in the Central People’s Government de II ad XIX Iunio MMXIII (from 2 to 19 June 2013) while the Sôgmô and Sandum Royal Family were away on vacation. However, the Sôgmô came back in time for the Summer solstice and the celebration of LGBTQ Pride Week.

Quintilo MMXIII (July 2013):
We have celebrated the Summer Solstice.
We have established the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative.
We have begun work on the Persuma bill Template.
We have celebrated LGBTQ Pride Week.
We have conducted research on farming for Tellus.
We have completed the template and printed 260 Perumae.
We have established the Bureau of the Treasury.
We have promulgated a law governing the Bureau and future bureaux.
We have created new data sheets for the Bureau of the Treasury.
We have begun work on Tellus and its production of radishes.
We have enacted a law concerning C¶ and NC¶.
We have circulated Persumae.
We have celebrated Chökhor Düchen.
We have completed a short report on initial Lycurgan Sparta research.
We have met with former Citizen James Thompson and discussed his return.
We have responded to homophobic attacks on other heads of state.
We have celebrated Lucaria, Neptunalia, and Furrinalia.
We have begun the tradition of the three aforementioned festivals and celebrating the lives of Tiberius and Gaius Graccus on the Furrinalia.
We have continued care for the radishes.
We have made a census data sheet.
We have made a music video on Kremlum Sandus province.
We have written a report on inspiration for Socilivo citizenship reform.
We have stood the political grounds of Sandus on the rights and integrity of LGBTQ Peoples.

Sextilo MMXIII (August 2013):
We have enacted Socilivo citizenship reform.
We have enacted Courso d’Honourae reform, providing for a new commission-based system.
We have published an article on the State as a proletarian republic.
We have done research on Lycurgan Sparta.
We have worked on Tellus Agrarian Cooperative.
There were no further policy projections during this month as a result of death in the Royal Family.

Septembro MMXIII (September 2013):
We will author a proposal for a treaty establishing Socilivo statehood to Kumano.
We shall create a map of Kremlum Sandus following the concept of “gradient condominium” expressed in the article “Sandum Perception of Land“.
We shall publish a report on this Winter’s emphasis for culture following the information in “The Soaring Glaucus of the Sovereign People” and on this past Summer’s growth of culture due to the beginning of Tellus and agricultural production.
We shall create a new deadline for the Sparta research paper to be published.
We shall create an agenda for a project to introduce Sandus to students at the University of Maryland, where the Sôgmô attends.
We shall publish a personal article from the Sôgmô on how the State shall persist and uphold its principles and values as the Sôgmô matures into adulthood.
We shall publish a short article on the comparison between Sandus and the Socilivo states and the Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues.
We shall publish a short agenda for the Collegio Sacerdae on the objectives for the season and lay down the Citizens’ Communist Party’s agenda for the upcoming Congress and until then.
We shall commence a Tellus Agrarian Cooperative journal, printed in a similar manner to the Flandrensisian Gazet van Giddis, which shall be printed on Veritum Sandus periodically per necessity.
We have sent the Kumano Socilivo treaty to the Royal Government of Kumano.
We have created and published a map displaying the gradient-sovereignty of Sandus’s condominium, or gradient condominium.
We have published a report on advancements in Sandum culture and agriculture over the past Summer.
We have an agenda of Sandus’s outreach plan.
We have opposed the Islamophobia of the Empire of New Israel.
We have begun work on the Tellus Sibyl, a journal that shall be published by necessity on Tellus Agarian Cooperative’s news.

Octobro MMXIII (October 2013):
We have announced the Sandum State to some students at the University of Maryland and have prepared policies to relate the State to even more.
We have written a brochure of Sandum holidays in Octobro (October).
We have celebrated Celebrate Bisexuality Day for the first time, and have included both it and Transgender Remembrance Day to our calendar of holidays.
We have celebrated the Autumn Equinox.
We have published the first edition of the Tellus Sibyl.
We have published the 2013 Armilustrium Musical Concert.
We have announced a Party Conference, in lieu of a Party Congress, for next month, Novembro.
We have published a report on the Collegio Sacerdae in the past season.
We have completed a plan for the Second Philia Advance.
We have published an article on the new leitourgía system.
We have commemorated Breast Cancer Awareness month and Bullying Prevention month.
We have celebrated the Fontinalia.
We have granted a new logo to Tellus Agrarian Cooperative.
We have signed a treaty of friendship with the Daikoku Federation.

Novembro MMXIII (November 2013):
We have celebrated the Armilustrium with much celebration and fanfare, as decreed by our traditions.
We have refuted the now substantially refuted claims made by opponents to our State that we are imperialist.
We have seen our time-tested Renasia Meritarch, Jacob Tierney, retire from micronationalism. Bon voyage et bonne vie, Monsieur Tierney!
We have presented a plan for the upcoming CCPS Party Conference.
We have published the «Anthem for the Second Philia Advance».
We have published the holiday brochure for Novembro (November).
We have welcomed Kumano as a Sociliva state.
We have set deadlines for the Second Philia Advance.
We have published an essay for the Transgender Day of Remembrance.
We have prepared a discussion on gender identity for the Transgender Day of Remembrance to be held on XXII Novembro (22 November).
We have potentially established a new tradition of putting up festive lights following the National Day of Truth.
We have congratulated Seattle Councilperson-elect Kshama Sawant.
We have celebrated Indigenous People’s Heritage Month with documentaries and posters.
We have celebrated the National Day of Truth, the Day of the Ways & Means of Revolution, and the National Day of Socialism.
We have opened up a new Second Life group, ROMA Sande Amici, to act as a virtual embassy in Second Life.
We have prepared for Transgender Day of Remembrance by publishing a French-language documentary on transgendered people in France and Belgium.
We have announced the Sôgmô’s intentions to attend the 2014 PoliNation Conference.
We have worked on What is Micronationalism?
We have held the CCPS Party Conference and discussed economic options for Sandus there.
We have added a new emblem representing the motto of the State of Sandus, Populum Sandus.

Decembro MMXIII (December 2013):
We have commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance.
We have held a discussion on Gender Identity in the Ancient World.
We have commenced the ROMA Sande Amici group on Second Life.
We have commemorated Indigenous People Heritage Month.
We have authored an article in defence of Sandum Holidays.
We have celebrated Lhabab Düchen.
We have celebrated Athena’s Day and have conducted a rite for it.
We have celebrated Athena’s Day with the ROMA Sande Amici group.
We have standardised the rites and rituals of the Collegio Sacerdae.
We have passed a foreign affairs addendum concerning proxy conflicts.
We have resolved a diplomatic conflict with Lostisland.
We have commemorated World AIDS Day.
We have begun preparations for the Winter Solstice MMXIII (2013) Elections.
We have begun preparations for the important holidays in Decembro.
We have released the monthly holiday brochure for Decembro (December).
We have celebrated the reincarnation of HH Penor Rinpoché.
We have mourned the passing of Nelson Mandela.
We have sent a Sandum delegation to the 9th Annual Native American Powwow at the University of Maryland.
We have reached 100 followers on Facebook!
We have celebrated Saturnalia and Dies Natalis Solis Invicti.
We have celebrated the Winter Solstice and the Majesties’ Jubilee.
We have begun two new leitourgíes on sigillaria and the «Gratias Deae» Sancta hymn.

Thus concludes the comprehensive report on what Sandus has done in the past year since the Sôgmô’s last Dies Natalis Solis Invicti address.

Wishing for further advancement and prosperity in the new Gregorian Year,
— Sôgmô Sörgel