Party Publishes Year Plan for MMXIV (2014)

Ave, Sandum Citizens!


In the next year, the Party shall continue to advocate for your causes as citizens and for a democratic platform to check the authority of the Sôgmô for our Republic.

— Acting Secretary Gaius Sörgel P.

Acting-Secretary Gaius Sörgel of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus has published this next administrative year’s Year Plan, typically ratified by the Party at the annual Party Congresses. Due to a reduced population and activity, the Party instead held an international CCPS Party Conference which was geared towards economic development last Novembro (November). In this plan, the Acting-Secretary has specified political, social, and economic objectives for Sandus in the new administrative year that begins tomorrow with the Winter Solstice. Important objectives include the development of the Sandum democracy, citizen growth, strengthening citizenship and provinces, advancement of economic cooperatives, management of income, and economic sustainability.

In a letter included in the Year Plan, the Acting-Secretary specified the Party’s advocating for democracy and for the development of Sandus along Socialist lines. The fervour of the Party in development of the «Socialist patria», as the Secretary called it, is shown through the Secretary’s message displaying the unity of the Party and State:

With the work of the Party and State united, comrades, our strong and powerful patria can not be contained by any force against our revolution.

With the Party’s objectives, the State of Sandus led by the vanguard of the Party and the Sôgmô shall make stern head-way in the work towards Sandus’s economic, social, and political goals: the Second Philia Advance, the Council plan, the All-Citizens United plan, and the 2015 Economic Goal. The Acting Secretary concluded the Year Plan with a message of well-wishes for the Winter Solstice and a message encourage all citizens and Party members to vote in the Winter Solstice elections tomorrow.

View the CCPS Year Plan for MMXIV (2014) here.

View Channum Unum’s video for the Year Plan here.

The Party expects that all do their duty to the State and advance our Socialist Sandus.

— Sôgmô Sörgel