Sôgmô Attends Native American Powwow

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Sôgmô at the 9th Annual Native American Powwow at the University of Maryland.
The Sôgmô at the 9th Annual Native American Powwow at the University of Maryland.

The Sôgmô attended the Ninth Annual Native American Powwow at the University of Maryland, where he is a student. The powwow was dedicated to Native American Heritage Month, despite being in Decembro (December), and was dedicated to US veterans. The Sôgmô witnessed the representation of various tribes and powwow dancers from various nations and tribes who attended the powwow and in the sale of merchandise.

The State of Sandus is a sovereign state which holds all indigenous peoples — including Native Americans — in high esteem. At the powwow, the Sôgmô learned of traditional dance and music, national dress, and so on. The Sôgmô witnessed and commented on the freedom of gender expression and freer gender roles. While at the powwow, the Sandum delegation observed men and women from various racial backgrounds who respected their Native American heritage despite being classified as White, Black, or Hispanic to the outside world.

This diverse portrayal of racial and gender backgrounds is very Sandum, as the Sandum Nation-State aspires to social liberalism wherein the multi-racial and multi-ethnic Sandum People can express themselves freely. Furthermore, the Native American practice of round-dancing and round-drumming adds a new musical aestheticism to Sandus’s cultural expression that ought to be explored. In addition, the Sôgmô learned of the artistic aesthetics of various nations — such as the Lakota Sioux’s use of the four-directions wheel and the Hopi kachinas. As well, the Sôgmô purchased a silver ring in the representation of the feather and a bone choker, as shown in the picture above; these items, which further portray the artistic aesthetics of Native American peoples, shall be added to the Sôgmô’s repository of his jewellery.

Following the powwow, the Sôgmô the McKeldin Library on the campus of the University of Maryland, where the Sôgmô wandered around to visit book collections concerning classical mythology, the French Revolution, and the early history of Iceland as a self-constructed society in the lineage of micronations. The Sôgmô returned later that evening to the powwow with other friends.