Second Philia Advance — Deadlines set

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Office of the Sôgmô has determined several deadlines for projects established in the outline of the Second Philia Advance. Of these, projects concerning entertaining literature and leitourgía for holidays are not granted specific deadlines, as they are expected to be easily produced throughout the Winter. However, the following projects can be expected to be completed around the times set forth.

The paper on What is Micronationalism? shall be published this month;
An addendum on the interdiction of proxy wars for Sandum Foreign Policy;
Brochures and fliers for other organisations outside Sandus, such as the LGBT Equity Centre and Classics Club at the Sôgmô’s university.

The CCPS Year plan shall be published at the early part of December and shall consider the discussions had at the recent CCPS Party Conference by having a plan for Tellus and other economic cooperatives;
The Office of the Sôgmô shall complete the long-awaited research paper on Sandus compared to Sparta;
The Saturnalia Cultural Symposium shall be continued again this year as the Collegio encourages foreign micronationalists to publish articles on Sacerdotium concerning micronationalism;
A paper on Why Sandus? on the Sandum Philosophy and Value shall be published to open Sandus’s purpose for being to the world.

A paper shall be published on Sandus’s culture, how and why it is formed in the way it is, and why the motto E Pluribus Unum can apply to Sandus’s cultural development;
Another paper shall be published on Sandum Socialism, which shall also echo the Economic plan established by the CCPS Year Plan;
Another plan or paper shall be published on the topic of democracy in Sandus, how it is currently exercised as a check on the Sôgmô’s unilateral authority, and how it will be strengthened under plans for the Council.

The Office of the Sôgmô and the Collegio Sacerdae shall publish the final list of Sandum Pignora Imperii, objects meant to be the focus of Sandum existence;
A final paper shall be published for the season on the Sandum Identity, how to strengthen the self-perception of seeing one’s self as Sandum, and what the Sandum Identity can be seen as;
For the Secession, a Realist treatise shall be published on how micronations develop from initial entities into developed micronations in the spheres of politics, society, culture, and economics.

— Sôgmô Sörgel