Kumano’s Socilivanço begins Tonight

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Kumano and Sandus approved of the Socilivanço Treaty on IX Octobro MMXIII (9 October 2013).
Kumano and Sandus approved the Socilivanço Treaty on IX Octobro MMXIII (9 October 2013).

Kumanoese Prince Ryuho has contacted the Honourable Sôgmô, the Office of the Sôgmô, and the Central People’s Government this morning. In his official communiqué, Prince Ryuho announced that the treaty establishing Kumano as a Sociliva state would take full force in Kumano later this evening by executive order, held on the night of the Full Moon.

The treaty enters into force despite not being ratified by the signature of both heads of state. Regardless, the treaty has been universally accepted by the legitimate authority of both states’ governments and has entered into force in Kumano and shall follow suit in Sandus late this evening as well. The Prince of Kumano has made it clear that a ceremony shall take place in Kumano involving candles for the Full Moon night when the treaty goes into effect for Kumano; to show the reciprocity of the close relationship Kumano and Sandus now share, a similar ceremony shall take place at the Sôgmô’s current residence.

The treaty provides Kumano’s citizens who apply and hold Sociliva citizenship certain economic, social, and political rights, and grants voting rights to Socilivae who perform charity taxes each quarter. The treaty was especially constructed to fulfil obligations arising from Sandus’s anti-Imperialist and anti-Federalist policies, thus upholding the Socilivae states’ sovereignty while acknowledging the close relationship between both states.

The text of the treaty between both states can be accessed through the State of Sandus’s DropBox.