CCPS Party Conference: Reporting in Real Time

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

All major CCPS Party functions, from the Congresses to this Conference, are held around the time of the National Day of Socialism and the Day of the Ways & Means of Revolution.
All major CCPS Party functions, from the Congresses to this Conference, are held around the time of the National Day of Socialism and the Day of the Ways & Means of Revolution.

The long-awaited CCPS Party Conference has opened at 11:42 Sandum Local Time, with the Acting-Secretary Gaius Sörgel introducing the audience to the presenters and laying out the program and rules. With the singing of the Internationale, the Conference began, as according to the Party’s tradition. Politicians and high-ranking officials from Renasia, Austenasia, Burnham, Juclandia, Uberstadt, Zealandia, Monovia, Francisville, and Tiana are in attendance. The Acting-Secretary opened the Conference with a speech on the importance and role of the Conference in the Sandum Constitution. The audience may grow over the day, as more and more may wish to join in the great academic discourse already happening. The Conference shall be divided into three parts with registered presenters speaking first, then informal or follow-up speeches as requested to the Acting-Secretary, and then a discussion following all speeches.

Veritum Sandus shall now be reporting in real time on the activities of the Party Conference throughout the day.

Update: 11:48 SLT 
Justinian I of the Theodorist Regional Dominion of Burnham and its Land has begun his speech to the CCPS Party Conference, providing an overview of current Theodorist thought. His paper, entitled “The Current State of Modern Theodorism in the Micronational Community and Burnham”, compares various interpretations of Theodorism, or monarchical socialism/communism, by multiple micronations throughout the intermicronational community. His speech can be found here.

Update: 12:01 SLT
As Justinian I of Burnham concludes his speech, Sebastian Linden of Francisville begins his speech on the political neutrality of Francisville and her constitution, while showing that the economic and cultural rights often attributed to Leftist thought are in such a political neutral system. His speech can be found here.

Update: 12:29 SLT
As M. Linden of Francisville concludes, Ciprian I of Juclandia begins his speech on Juclandian Socialism and the rise of the “Juclandian Road to Socialism” platform do to the establishment of the current ruling coalition under the Communist Party of Juclandia under Teddy Populescu. Ciprian’s speech took a focus on this platform, the unique definition of Socialism in Juclandia, and the tolerance and flexibility of the Juclandian people. His speech can be found here.

Update: 12:44 SLT
As M. Jucaresti of Juclandia finishes his speech, Håkon Lindström of Zealandia begins his speech on Zealandian social democracy and the Zealandian concept of Socialism under the title of Jåfæðaärstefnå, or “togetherness”, and the Zealandian Alternative party of Labour and Independence (ZApLI). M. Lindström concluded with a quote of venerable Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia. Lindström’s speech can be found here.

Update: 13:02 SLT
As M. Lindström concludes his speech, Acting-Secretary Gaius Sörgel declares a recess until the next presenters may speak.

Update: 13:31 SLT
The Conference has interrupted the recess to begin a discussion concerning issues facing the Leftist community and Leftist micronations. Acting-Secretary Sörgel spoke:

The 3 November 2012 CCPS Party Congress elected James Thompson as Secretary of the Party, under his objective to reduce Libera’s self-defence requirements and increase the role of Proletarian Internationalism in Sandus. One year on, Sandus is holding its first major, international conference combining former enemies and close friends into discussing Leftist problems plaguing Sandus and the intermicronational Leftist community. I have considered these questions for you all, which would be instrumental for Sandus and the community to consider:

1) How has Sandus done, as you believe, in accomplishing the platform of former Secretary Thompson? That is, how have we done in reducing Libera’s self-defence requirement and introducing Proletarian Internationalism (while, at the same time, being isolationist)?
2) What can the Leftist Community do to improve the individual micronations which follow Socialist thought? Has this conference, up to now, been successful in bringing Leftist politicians together to consider issues which impact us individually and us as a community?
3) This is a big one in Sandus: What are the sort of economic issues which plague Leftist micronational states?

Update: 14:37 SLT
The conversation has concluded with an acknowledged need for a forum to continue the productive conversation which was had. Various topics included ways to advance Leftist micronations, how to attract non-citizens to our micronations, how to receive money in order to subsidise proletarian projects, how to register micronations as tax-exempt entities (if a state so desires or believes it is congruent with its policies), and how to create bank accounts for micronations. The conversation concluded with the desire to continue these sorts of discussions with future conferences and a professional forum for which the intermicronational leftist organisations, parties, and states can continue the conversation. Acting-Secretary Sörgel then hush the discussion by bringing Adam I of Uberstadt to the floor to present his speech.

Update: 14:54 SLT
Adam I of Uberstadt has concluded his speech on the micronational and socialist history of Uberstadt and the role of economics in the micronation, as well as the utilisation of Uberstadt’s “chocolate standard” as a basis for their money. His speech is available here.

Update: 15:36 SLT
The CCPS Party Conference has concluded by reaching a consensus with the attendees and presenters. The Acting-Secretary formally closed the Conference by playing the two hymns necessary for the closing of all important Party functions: the Anthem of the Party, the Worker’s Marseillaise, and the song The Flag Still Waves.

Live reporting for the CCPS Party Conference has finished. A follow-up article shall be published late this evening providing a more detailed and determined log of the speeches and decisions considered at the Conference, as well as including the full logs from today’s Conference. Thank you for reading Veritum Sandus, the official journal of the State of Sandus, for this IX Novembro MMXIII CCPS Party Conference.

The Poster for the 9 November CCPS Party Conference.