Preparing for October: the Plan for the CCPS Party Conference

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Poster for the 9 November CCPS Party Conference.
The Poster for the 9 November CCPS Party Conference.

Novembro (November) has often been a time of much activity in Sandus for ground-breaking work on culture and the Sandum State. As the month of the October Revolution, the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus (CCPS) has used Novembro as the main month to conduct all Party functions. Although there are too few Sandum citizens to hold a CCPS Party Congress, the Acting Secretary — Sôgmô Sörgel — shall continue in the common Party functions by holding a Party Conference. The role of this Party Conference is to understand what achievements other Socialist, Social Democratic, Communist, and other Leftist states have used to advance their own states, and thus work for a plan to improve Sandus under the framework of the Party and the Central People’s Government of Sandus. This shall also be the first occasion of introducing foreign micronationalists into the functions and internal structure of the Citizens’ Communist Party.

To be held on IX Novembro (9 November), attendees shall be welcomed into a chat room on Skype by Acting Secretary Sörgel, laying out the rules of the Conference before its commencement. According to tradition, the Sôgmô shall then commence the CCPS Party Conference with the Internationale. The Acting Secretary shall then proceed to explain the necessary constitutional function of the Party in the Sandum State and the importance of this conference, especially at a time when holding a Congress is tenuous. Next, the Sôgmô shall present a brief report to the Party and the lot of foreign and Socilivo attendees the advancement of Socialism in the past year. Finally, after the Sôgmô has presented his report on the State and Socialism, papers by foreign attendees shall be presented.

The Conference shall begin at approximately 12:00 SLT (EST or UTC-5) in a specific Skype chat room dedicated to the event.

The schedule for papers to be presented:

  1. Ciprian Jucaresti, of Juclandia
  2. Jonathan Augustus, of Austenasia
  3. Richard Cunningham, of Burnham
  4. Kuri Kabanov, of Renasia
  5. Sebastian Linden, of Francisville
  6. Ryuho, of Kumano
  7. Adam van Friedech, of Uberstadt
  8. Håkon Lindström, of Zealandia

Each person presenting a paper should author their papers in a colloquial yet formal tone, and should present them as small messages which are easily read. Although how the presenters present their papers is their own decision, it is recommended to begin with the title of the paper and an overview of the topic. After each presentation, the Acting Secretary shall ask for the text of the speech that was presented, so as to publish them to the CCPS’s journal the Voice of Sandus. So as to avoid ideological conflicts for a conference meant to understand how micronations respond to issues of politics, society, and economy, discussion of the topics shall be prohibited until after the Conference itself, reserving X Novembro as a date for discussion.

The Acting Secretary welcomes more attendees to the Conference and extends an open invitation to foreign media outlets willing to publish this important event for Sandus and the international Leftist community within micronationalism.

Sôgmô and Acting Secretary Sörgel