Kumano Approves Socilivanço

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Prince Ryuho of the Commonwealth of Kumano contacted the Office of the Sôgmô last night at 21:52 SLT. In the communiqué, the Prince announced that the Treaty granting Socilivo Statehood (Socilivanço) to Kumano had been approved by the Kumanoese Legislature in a vote of 3 in favour, 0 against, and 1 abstention. The Prince will relay further information at a later time, the communiqué said.

The Office of the Sôgmô replied with a congratulatory message and thanks for the Prince’s communiqué. He extended a hope for more information from the session and further Kumanoese news, as the two nation prepare to unify in a relationship between Sandus and her Socilivo. The next step, the Sôgmô noted, will certainly have to be the ratification of the treaty by both parties.

— Sôgmô Sörgel