Our Own Hermes for a New Age

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Office of the Sôgmô has organised the agenda of an outreach program directed at students of the University of Maryland and at students and practitioners in general of the Sandum Philosophy. This outreach program will spear-head the government’s efforts in moving beyond defining the Sandum Philosophy and towards incorporating the Philosophy into the culture of Sandum citizens and also to strengthen the Sandum culture. The Office of the Sôgmô has published the following agenda:

  • Catalogue each month’s events and Sandum holidays on a certain day each month, release brochures or informative pages about each holiday.
  • Purchase a “what to do” today dry-erase board for Sandum policies and place it in easily seen and accessible places.
  • Select a certain day each week or each fortnight for the perpetuation of the Sandum Philosophy. (one recent idea is for a certain ‘debate night’ held on Mondays)
  • Select a certain genre of Sandum “music” for events
  • Consider (in more detail) how each event should go, what of the offensively ignorant? Consider the “Sandum way” of doing events, such as plays, concerts, presentations.
  • Give short descriptions of events/holidays, and why we celebrate these holidays (75-100 words)

This agenda will guide the Sandum government’s policies and programs for the upcoming season.