Sôgmô leaves Kremlum Sandus, Mourning Period persists

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

All publications have ceased since one Gregorian week ago on account of the Royal Family’s patriarch, Ray Clair Sörgel, passing away in Butler County, Pennsylvania, United States. A period of mourning was established on XXVI Sextilo (26 August) and will conclude this III Septembro (3 September) and policy projections shall continue on IX Septembro (9 September).

The Sôgmô has visited Butler County, Pennsylvania, and attended the Christian funeral service of his grandfather, Ray Clair Sörgel, in Bakerstown, Pennsylvania, held at the Schellhaas Funeral Home. The Sôgmô visited Ray Sörgel on XXI et XXII Sextilo (21 & 22 August) at his home in Butler County, Pennsylvania, shortly before his death on XXVI Sextilo MMXIII (26 August 2013). The Sôgmô has received condolences from numerous micronationalists and micronations, to which he extends greetings and gratitude.

As of today, I Septembro MMXIII (1 September 2013), the Sôgmô has departed Kremlum Sandus province and has moved out of le Palaso d’Etato in Columbia, Kremlum Sandus province. The Sôgmô now takes up residence in College Park, Maryland, United States, outside of the territorial claims of the State of Sandus; however, a Sandum flag continues to hang over his residence. The Sôgmô has taken the Maryland, LGBTQ, and Sandum flags from le Mur des Drapeaux in le Palaso d’Etato, Kremlum Sandus province.

In the remaining three days in the traditional period of mourning, the Sôgmô shall set to work to further define Sandus’s land claims and introduce concepts of condominium and ‘gradient borders’. These further clarifications of Sandum territory will help to explain the Sandum mentality behind land, its ownership, and the Sandum concept of borders. Work shall also begin on a treaty for Kumanoese Socilivo statehood.
A traditional period of mourning is composed of three sets of three days — known as a treisimero (derived from ancient Greek “treisa” and “imera”, meaning “three days”) — due to the auspicious number of three and nine (3³ days are in a traditional mourning period). The last time a mourning period comprised of three treisimerae was held was following the attacks on Oslo & Utøya, Norway; mourning periods comprised of one treisimero have been called for the deaths of micronational politicians, such as Axel Nielson and Nick Maggiore.

— Sôgmô Sörgel