Sôgmô meets with Kumanoese Prince, returns from Pittsburgh

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Sôgmô has concluded a two-day trip to Pittsburgh due to private, Royal Family affairs. On the trip up north to Pittsburgh, the Sôgmô visited Kumano — the successor state of Tatsumiya — and toured the country with Prince Ryuho. Prince Ryuho showed the Sôgmô the Kumanoese farm, which the Sôgmô noted was a good example for the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative.



The Sôgmô proceeded to admire the Prince’s shrine and artwork of the Buddha, commenting on how both nations share Buddhism as their guiding philosophy.



IMG_1900The Sôgmô and the Prince then concluded talks concerning Socilivo statehood for Kumano, with the Prince concluding, as well as on the advise of his secretary, that Kumano was dedicated to the idea of becoming a Socilivo state. Both statesmen then concluded talks with the Sôgmô that a treaty draft shall be prepared for Kumano within the coming weeks.

The Sôgmô then left and returned to the Royal Family, who were staying in Butler County.

IMG_1901— Sôgmô Sörgel