First Tellus Crop Fails

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

On XIII Quintilo (13 July), 33 days ago, the State of Sandus began the production of Tellus Agrarian Cooperative’s first set crop, intended more for study and research than actual production. In a public announcement today, the Office of the Sôgmô has announced that this crop has failed to produce any mature, harvest-ready crop. The crop was planted in three separate pots, reflecting three separate methods of planting the radishes. The least successful crop was planted using a small hand-held shovel with the seeds buried too deeply. The next successful represented those planted too close together. The most successful, however, was the crop planted 5 to 6 cm apart and was planted using only fingers. Each crop was watered daily with the same amount, save for the days in which it rained in Kremlum Sandus province. The most successful crop was healthy and was on the way to expanding to a harvestable state before it was ravaged and its leaves eaten by caterpillars, a pest to the plant.

It is not known when the next attempt at another Tellus crop will be made, due to the Sôgmô’s departure for university in two Gregorian weeks from now. Efforts will be made, however, to create a new trial crop before the end of the season for growing radishes, which ends in Octobro. Tellus is preparing for a future crop of cabbage, however, which requires a germination period that begins in Februario; the Sôgmô may likely prepare this crop on the occasion of the third celebration of the Secession from St.Charlie.

Despite the set-back dealt Tellus, the State is resolved in its Anticosti Ideal to continue ahead towards the 2015 Economic Goal with the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative.