Sandus to strengthen French language, to adopt the Metric system

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

In a future decree, the Office of the Sôgmô shall announce that new programs shall be made available for the Francophone intermicronational world and that Sandus shall be on par with the rest of the world by adopting the metric system. This announcement from the Office follows several days of publication of various posters written in French on Sandum social policy, ranging from acceptance of the LGBTQ community to ending racism and Islamophobia; the announcement also comes two months after the Sôgmô’s trip to France.

The French language has been one of three official languages in Sandus, the other two being English and Sancta, the Sandum constructed language intended for cultural advances. French became an official language along with English back in June 2009 under the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan. French was the political and governmental language at the time, later inspiring the introduction of the basic Sandum Latin from which the current motto of Sandus — Populum Sandus (People of Sandus) — is still derived. It has been revived once before, under the 1st Barony of Sandus when it was used as a cultural language and when the anthem then was le Chant du Départ.

The Office of the Sôgmô, at a future time, shall present a plan to revive its use in Sandus and shall be on a similar level as that of English in Sandus. Current consideration has been to provide French summaries of all reports and articles released by Veritum Sandus and to publish certain articles wholly in French. French has been used along with Sancta in various Sandum State holidays, such as le Secessio in Februario MMXII (February 2013); its expanded use will provide greater international opportunity to Sandum citizens, as well as provide a great academic and personal achievement goal to the Sovereign People.

"The Day of Secession -- since the 20th of February 2011"
“The Day of Secession — since the 20th of February 2011”, a poster for le Secessio in French.

The metric system will also be legislated as the official measurement system of Sandus in the upcoming decree, a move intended to make Sandus more on the level of the rest of the world considering that the American macronational has failed to incorporate the Metric system here. The Office of the Sôgmô will release a conversion chart for Sandum citizens who will require help to convert from the Imperial system to the Metric system. The chart will include exchanges for weight, volume, distance, and temperature. The move also comes as the State is beginning economic production in preparation for the 2015 Economic Goal, which will provide the State greater openness to the world by switching measurement systems.

— Sôgmô Sörgel