For the Struggle of Liberation & Social Progress

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

CCPS anti-homophobia
Poster released by the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus against Homophobia.

Engraved within the constitution and the political structure of the State of Sandus, Article 8 of the Founding Law of the State of Sandus, which pertains to the diplomacy of the State of Sandus, establishes that:

Article 8. The People of Sandus pursue policies of […] support the struggles of peoples who pursue national liberation and social progress, and prevent instances of aggression and war. The People shall engage in relations with other states which are prepared to […] demonstrate respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms…

In the historical past of the State of Sandus, we have rescinded recognition of foreign states whose policies did not meet the various criteria of this eighth article of the Founding Law. None before, however, have had such damning and blatant violations of more than one criterion of this Article than the present situation with two homophobic states, who wish to oppress the international homosexual communities — with no reference made to sexualities and gender identities which become too complicated for simple minds — than the officials and friends of one such ‘New Israel’.

With human rights being on par with that of the macronation, ‘New Israel’ is a state which perpetuates disrespect to heads of state, violating the inviolability of heads of state and of sovereign frontiers, and which violates agreed upon principles of international law. This ‘state’ is one which has harassed homosexuals, reduced them to “perverts”, and has established simple bigotry in lieu of logic as a reason for this sort of abuse. Although the State of Sandus has been previously uninvolved in this sort of diplomatic issue, this State — which a little under a month ago celebrated its second LGBTQ Pride Week — perpetuates the human worth of all peoples, regardless of the characteristics of sexuality, gender, and sex.

It is with cognition of the fact that this ‘New Israel’ purports a single best people — fundamental Christians — whose privileges, in such a state, rank above others, that the State of Sandus, with the advice of the organ of the Citizens’ Communist Party, recognises the government of New Israel as a mere front for a sort of fascism seen in the likes of the Westboro Baptist church and countless other homophobic peoples. While raising higher the works of Jesus Christ for non-judgement, for forgiveness, and for compassion, this ‘New Israel’ acts as a supreme hypocrite in reducing homosexuals to outlaw second-class people with no rights and classes them amongst true and harmful perverts: the likes of which no citizen of ‘New Israel’ has ever truly seen.

The Central People’s Government, which has recently begun a program of anti-Homophobia, extends the anti-Homophobia into the fields of foreign relations and affairs. When it comes to those whose homophobic policies affect none save for the voluntary citizens of that nation-project, the State of Sandus shall accept those policies as a sovereign right of that State which pose no major damage. However, on the other hand, for states who display worrying and repeated signs of progroms of homophobia, as in the case of ‘New Israel’, and in all other situations where homophobia becomes a worrying stance and policy of a micronation, the State of Sandus shall rescind all recognition, terminate all agreements, refuse all communication, and actively work either to change or to destroy (the existence or credibility) the regimes which perpetuate homophobia.

Therefore, pursuant to the equal rights of all peoples, to the progress of society, and to the liberation of the LGBTQ community from persecution and oppression by these sorts of theocratic-fascist regimes, the State of Sandus rescinds all recognition and refuses all communication with:

  • the Holy Empire of New Israel;
  • the Kingdom of West Germania, with consideration to the broader Saxon Empire; and,
  • the Kingdom of Varina.

The above states shall not be recognised as sovereign states, due to the prior guidelines of Article 8 and due to the lack of Realism‘s professionalism required according to law. The State of Sandus shall work actively, in all ways, to create a social air of acceptance for the LGBTQ community and shall work to return the aggression and hostility for the LGBTQ community from these three states with acceptance, and to reduce the auctoritas of these three states. Everything shall be done in our power to return a message of hate and prejudice with one of acceptance and tolerance for the persecuted.

— Sôgmô Sörgel