When Prejudice becomes Diplomacy

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

This article is in response to a certain ‘head of state’ and his personal attack on another head of state. An article was drafted prior to this one which did not meet our professional guidelines, so this article has been drafted to be especially professional yet damning at the same time. Whereas if we are to let our personal religious beliefs violate the privacy of other heads of state, then it is after which the Sôgmô has installed statuettes of Mars Ultor, his Lar, and the Genius of the State of Sandus that this article is drafted:

Personally attacking a head of state doesn’t bode well — as we see with the Bolivian President’s plane incident. What is more damning is when this personally attacking a head of state happens to be about their private life, of which the violating head of state is not privy to. Even more damning, even more backwards, and even more sad is when this personal attack is about a head of state’s sexuality — not a matter of state business or any one else’s — and one derides their sexuality as a ‘perversion’.

Au contraire, what is perverted is this sense of imperial missionary work which “HMSE Markus Abernathy” perpetuates. But what works better than countering this perverted sense of Christian missionary-work with semi-serious Pagan missionary-work? We here at Veritum Sandus, from here at the Office of the Sôgmô, have an Olympos-heading, glory-filled message for that “perverted Casey Hamlin”.

Be not like Hyakinthos (Ὑάκινθος) who was brought down by jealous rage of Zephyros (Ζέφυρος) for His free and youthful love of Apollon (Ἀπόλλων). May you live freely, with great care, and may you be the secret admiration of all men who wish you evil and scorn you.

I really couldn’t pass up this opportunity to amuse myself at the expense of other’s waywardness,

— Sôgmô Sörgel

Edit: This article has been edited as of XIX Quintilo MMXIV (19 July 2014) to reflect the want of privacy for M. Abernathy, whose named have been changed in the article.