Tellus commences Farming

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The pots containing the Tellus's first crop outside the entrance to the Palace of State.
The pots containing the Tellus’s first crop outside the entrance to the Palace of State.

The Tellus Agrarian Cooperative has commenced operations late in the growing season this year with radishes. The first crop of Crimson Giant radishes, which is expected to be harvested by X Sextilo (10 August) next month, has been selected due to its quick growing period of 30 days and yet provides time for another crop of French Dressing radishes, with a growing period of 21 days (3 Gregorian weeks). Growing in several large pots ranging down to medium sized, each pot contains approximately 12-18 radishes.

In the future, given proper preparation, the plan for Tellus is to grow cabbages, several kinds of lettuce and radishes (whose growing periods are shorter), and, in the large pots shown, grow a hybridised variety of corn made for pots along with the two other sisters: squash and beans. Efforts shall be focused on the front of the Palace of State, the area with the most sun, and efforts shall be made to make it a sustainable space with spaces for composting in the back of the Palace and a space for rainwater collection near the front (where watering cans can be filled).

As the Sôgmô relocates to a dorm on his university campus in late August, Tellus may then be put on hold until February, when cabbage seeds are to let germinate. It is possible, however, that the Sôgmô may have a way in which he can continue to grow crops on behalf of Tellus whilst still living away from Kremlum Sandus Province. Depending on the location of his dorm, and how much sunlight his dorm room receives, production of vegetables and other crops may continue into the Fall and even Winter.


Sôgmô Sörgel