Sôgmô Promulgates Decree Governing Persumae

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Sôgmô has established a decree governing Persumae. The decree makes it illegal for persons to remove circulatory Persumae (¶c) from the economy, the territory of Sandus, and any area in which the Sandum government reigns. The decree also establishes that non-circulatory Persumae may be purchased or exchanged at the rate of 1¶nc to $1USD or “at the discretion of the Office of the Sôgmô”, enabling the Sôgmô to gift non-circulatory Persumae to Sandum friends, allies, and to persons as requested by other Sandum citizens (for instance, if a Sandum citizen should request to gift a collection of ¶nc to a family member or friend without charge). The decree continues to establish two new vaults under the governance of the Bureau of the Treasury: the Persumae Vault, which shall store all circulatory Persumae “that have not been provided to citizens”, and the Vault for National Funds, which shall pay for all debts of the State from “programs of: maintenance & advancement of cooperatives, social welfare, and worker’s pay”.
Read the full decree here

Finally, pursuant to the goal of transparency, justice, and equity amongst all citizens, the Office of the Sôgmô has reorganised its DropBox file for the ease of reading all the laws of the State of Sandus into a single “Code of Laws” folder, whereas before they were simply stored in a section of writings from the Office. “Antiqué Laws” are those which were promulgated prior to the Martio MMXII (March 2012) law hiatus. The Founding Law is separated for ease, and the textbook “Founding Law & Citizens” has been included in that folder. Otherwise, all laws promulgated after the Iunio MMXIII (June 2013) law restart can be found in the main folder.
All State Laws can be found here.