Sôgmô Prepares for State Trip to Iceland, France

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Office of the Sôgmô has announced that the Sôgmô will be travelling with the Royal Family in Iceland and in France this Iunio (June), leaving II Iunio (2 June) and arriving back in time for LGBT Pride Week on XIX Iunio (19 June). The Sôgmô, who will also be on private holiday, is hoping to meet a few French micronational leaders and visit historic sites on the ancient Romans in of l’Ancien Régime.

Leaving II Iunio from Dulles Airport, the Sôgmô will spend a few days in Iceland, a nation whose policies of pacifism and isolationism are a visionary dream for Sandus. Visiting Reykjavik, the Sôgmô will see important sites in the country’s capital, including the building housing the Althing — Iceland’s parliament — and Thingvellir — where the first thing in Iceland was established. Travelling onward to Paris a few days after arriving, the Sôgmô will rejoin the rest of the Royal Family in staying in Paris for a few days before travelling to Burgundy.

Planning to visit Versailles — which the Sôgmô visited as a child in 2004 — and Fontainebleau, the Sôgmô is planning to extend Sandum influence in the Francophone micronational world. The Sôgmô, who speaks fluent French, is prepared to meet with many other micronationalists and a potential visit to the Republic of Saugeais is hoped for, amongst many other micronations. The Sôgmô will also visit sites of the ancient Romans in Gaul during his trip in Burgundy. Positioned between Auxerre and Troyes, the Sôgmô will also spend some time to relax from his state duties, the first time the Sôgmô has done so for some time, and will take time to enjoy the countryside.

This is expected to be the last of such vacations for the Sôgmô for sometime, save the proposed trip to Umbria in 2014 for the next PoliNations event, as the Sôgmô prepares to head to university in Sextilo (August). It must be noted that, though the government will not maintain regular business for a week or so whilst in the countryside of Burgundy, some connection will be made and business will still be on the table whilst the Sôgmô enjoys his vacation. The last of such vacations for the Sôgmô was as Speaker of the People’s State of Sandus in 2009, when the Sôgmô visited Québec.

This trip will allow our State to consider new options to issues of government and also to open up our connections throughout the world to places like Reykjavik and Paris. This trip will also reignite the flame of trilingualism and of the French language in Sandus. Preparations are still being made and a schedule of events will be drafted soon.