Volfa Province becomes Independent

The Flag of the new Kingdom of Volfa

On the turn to the Day of Labour, I Maio (1 May), the Volfa Autonomous Province has become an independent state. Based on the island of Malta, Volfa has been a province in the beginning of the Gregorian year wherein a province was dedicated to the nation so as to be pre-emptive for independence. For the past few months, independence has been planned and, finally, that day has come.

The independence of Volfa has led to a renewal of the Socilivo citizenship concept, which Volfa may consider. Furthermore, the independence of the second most active region of Sandus has led the Office of the Sôgmô to recognise that current trends — such as democratisation and liberalisation — may be halted indefinitely, though hopefully temporarily. The Aprilo MMXIII Party Congress has already been cancelled as the Party was preparing for Volfa’s independence. The independence has also raised new concerns amongst Sandus’s classical opponents that Libera may see a revival in the affairs of foreign relations.

The Office of the Sôgmô has noted that Sandus will move on from this event as a nation leaves the State and that the friendship of both states will continue on. Though it marks a future era of hardship with declining population and declining political activity, the Sôgmô has recognised “the clear right to self-determination in all cases” and that “Sandus, as a state, meets the obligations of states set forth by international law and strives for social progress and national liberation.” The Sôgmô concluded that “all states must strive for the welfare of all its citizens, even if that welfare culminates in the independence of a nation.”

King André Volfym of Sammut presented this statement in both English and Maltese to the Office of the Sôgmô at 18:00 SLT (EST, UTC-5):

The time has come for Volfa’s independence, as was planned earlier this year in January. The past time I have been a citizen of Sandus I have enjoyed, admittedly not to its fullest. The S8gm8 has supported me and I must thank him greatly for this, for having me as a citizen and advisor, and for accepting our wishes to become independent.
The reasoning behind this independence is not so much caused by Sandus, it is in that we feel there is a cultural difference we can not properly adapt to. We wish Sandus their best to continue on their missions and to progress.

As of 2013 May 1st, 00:00 VLT (GMT+1) the SAP of Volfa declares independence from the State of Sandus, and I, Volfym, terminate my status as citizen of the State of Sandus. Ixstrum, now an ex-cooperative of Sandus, transfers itself to Volfa and continues to be directed by Volfym and Billy Neil of Erephisia.

Volfa subsequently crowns Volfym and Carl Galea as Kings, and also recognises Sandus and Erephisia.
— King André Volfym of Sammut.
Il-hin biex Volfa tidikkjara l-independenza taghha min Sanadu, kif kien pjannat f’Jannar, giet. Bhala cittadin ta’ Sanadu, jien gawdejtha, ghalkemm stajt ngawdiha iktar. Is-Sogmo issapportjani u rrid nirringrazzjah li accetani bhala cittadin u anki advizorju u ghal-kooperazzjoni maghna meta’ infurmajnieh bl-xtaqijiet tal-independenza taghna.
Il-hsieb wara din l-independenza hija li sibna differenza kulturali li ahna ma nistawx nidraw. Nixtiequkom l-ahjar fil-grajja taghkom, ta’ Sanadu.

Min 2013 Mejju l-1, 00:00 VLT (GMT+1), il-PAS ta’ Volfa tiddikkjara independenza mill-Stat ta’ Sanadu u jien, Volfym, ntemmi l-cittadinanza Sanadija tieghi. Ixstrum, issa eks-kooperativa ta’ Sanadu, titrasferixxi ghal-Volfa u tkompli tkun mmexxija min Volfym u Billy Neil ta’ Erefizja.

Volfa sussegwentament tixxaltan lil Volfym u Carl Galea bhala Xultani u tirrekognizza ukoll lil Sanadu u lil Erefizja.
— Xultan Indri Volfym ghas-Sammut.