Back to Basics: Establishing Stamps, Persuma Notes, and Passports

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Whenever micronations first begin, many begin to consider what is thought as the most basic element of governments and their symbols: flags, coat of arms, stamps, money, and passports. Sandus has a flag and a coat of arms, but the last three we lack. Many times before, we have considered them, but our unwillingness to make them have taken hold. This summer, however, is the best opportunity for our State to prepare and print persumae notes and stamps. We have tried in the past to do such, but they have been met with great work at first that soon eroded away. This season, before the end of Summer, the State of Sandus shall begin printing Persumae (symbol: ¶) as well as passports. In the future, we hope to print and sell stamps as well.

Following in the spirit of many micronations, we will hope to sell these three new common micronational characteristics to garner revenue and donations for beginning cooperatives in Sandus, especially the upcoming horticultural cooperative.

The new Persumae notes will come in 1¶, 5¶, 10¶, 25¶, and 50¶ denominations. The value of a Persuma will be determined by the amount of wealth in the national treasury divided by the amount of persumae in circulation. All bills will contain a bust of Lenin and a depiction of the goddess Athena, as well as bear the coat of arms of Sandus. Representative of Sandus’s view of class equality, all notes will be of the same size of 60mm wide by 120mm long. On the obverse, the coat of arms of the State of Sandus shall be the centre piece. On the reverse, a multitude of images will present the notes:
The 1¶ note will bear the picture of the Sôgmô, whose portrait shall be as commonplace as the bill itself.
A 5¶ note shall bear a picturesque scene of Ellicott City, the cultural centre of Sandus.
10¶ will present the Middle Patuxent River, a national park in Sandus.
Coming across the 25¶ note, the central foyer of the Palace of State will grace it.
The expensive 50¶ note will present a historical relic of Kremlum Sandus Province: Doughoregan Manor, the home of the rich, bourgeois United State Declaration of Independence signer Charles Carroll of Carrollton.

All of these notes shall bear important features of our nation. On the obverses, as well, dedications will be made to important revolutionaries, philosophers, and to important State holidays and organs. The images on the reverse, as well, will all be in black and white. The sole security feature will be the official stamp of the State that bears the coat of arms of Sandus. Finally, symbolic of Sandus’s commitment to the environment, all notes will be printed on 100% recycled paper.

Stamps are also something we will look into. Establishing a mostly-nominal postal service will be one important aspect of this objective and we hope to establish 0.25¶, 0.50¶, and 1.00¶ stamps for postcards, letters, and packages — respectively. We hope to present our first series of stamps by Sextilo (August).

We are already prepared to print passports, though some experimenting must be conducted to see how exactly we are to print them and laminate them.

None the less, we shall endeavour over the next season to establish these three systems for the expression of our culture and State, as well as working to finance the running of our cooperatives and government.

Let’s pursue this goal for the benefit of the Nation!

— Sôgmô Sörgel