Sandus: Consistently Advancing Social Progress

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Sandus is a vocal proponent of LGBTQIA rights, including but certainly not limited to same-sex marriage.
Sandus is a vocal proponent of LGBTQIA rights, including but certainly not limited to same-sex marriage.

The intermicronational community has become so very accustomed to the equality of sexualities, with the rare exception of a few. In the past day, the intermicronational community has been confronted with the news of another homosexual micronationalist, this time a senior community leader (who shall remain unknown as Veritum Sandus was unable to contact him to garner his approval to publish his name). Sandus has constantly been a voice against discrimination of the LGBTQIA community, has sent money to several charities for the protection of that community’s youth, and was a voice in the macronational region of Maryland during that state’s same-sex marriage referendum last Novembro (November). Last Iunio (June) was the first time we celebrated LGBT Pride Week, and it certainly won’t be our last.

But Sandus is a proponent of many other forces of social progress and activism, not limited to the rights of the LGBTQIA community. VIII Martio (The 8th of March) is Women’s Day, a national holiday in Sandus, and the Sandum track-record for opposing sexism is vast: Sandus has donated much money to anti-rape and anti-sexual assault foundations as well as being a vocal opponent to micronational regimes that do not support equal opportunity for both sexes. We have even supported macronational ventures to support the equality of men, women, and other genders and sexes, and of course have been vocal in micronationalism on the same.

Homosexuals and women aren’t the end: we also proactively oppose racism and xenophobia. In our macronational region, in which Islamophobia is a vastly divisive topic between liberals and conservatives, Sandus is consistently on the side of rights and equality for Muslims. When it comes to race, Sandus is a proud proponent of affirmative action to correct centuries of social injustice and inequality. If we were to discuss the Latino community in the Americas, Sandus has forever been an opponent to the sort of policies many people support to keep “America for Americans”: when it comes to speaking Spanish, something that is so fundamental to a people, Sandus is a political proponent for the integration of Spanish and English in our macronational region.

Racism and xenophobia also connect with this topic we consider the enemy of our national independence: imperialism. Whereas some micronations conveniently use this excuse to call Sandus an imperialist empire (even when we are one of the most isolated micronations in the intermicronational community, yet still one of the most vocal and most powerful), Sandus not only mourns the effects of imperialism, we actively protest and fight against them. Sandus is an opponent to NATO in Libya and Syria, a controversial policy made upon the facts of a decade of atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq. When it comes to the recent issue of war between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Sandus is a loud proponent for peace and stands against foreign aggression by the United States The State also mourns annually with the kānaka ʻōiwi of Hawai’i on XXI Sextilo (21 August), the day Hawai’i became a state of the United States, on the loss of their sovereignty and nation. Both our Nation and our Central People’s Government stand with all Native Americans and all indigenous peoples for the security of their homelands, their cultures, and their sovereignty.

Whenever it comes to social class, Sandus is, as any good proletarian state, a proud revolutionary force in the world for the working people the world over. When the working people of the world protested mismanagement by bankers in Occupy Wall Street, Sandus not only actively stood in defence of protesters, we also joined in the protests and we were the major proponents of the Grand Unified Micronational’s support of the movement. But our work in class issues isn’t just confined to protest and revolution: we’re also active as proponents of a sane minimum wage in our macronational region and in the international world. We stand against the rights of the rich and the bourgeois, and fight for the rights of workers, the unemployed, and the disenfranchised. In the macronational region bordering the Province of Kremlum Sandus alone, we are also a vocal media for the Maryland Budget & Tax Policy Institute.

Our efforts in social progress are inexhaustible. To codify, define, and explain each and every policy or stance of our Nation-State of Sandus would take many thousands of words. Suffice to say, our Founding Law — whose ratification we have most recently celebrated on XIII Aprilo (13 April) — defines and strengthens Sandus’s albeit micro role in the international effort for social progress. Nonetheless, our micro role is certainly disproportionate to our size as even a small micronation. Sandus is consistently a virtuous state, pursuing social progress and liberation the world round. Our State acts as a model for what many micronations should be like: realising the true potential of our micronational states to act within policies of Realism for social activism. On the occasion of the Second Anniversary of the Foundation of the State of Sandus and on the occasion of the Honourable Sôgmô’s adulthood, we must look back and reflect on all we as a State have accomplished together.

— Sôgmô Sörgel