Sandus & Juclandia, Wyvern begin Peace Talks

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Since Sextilo MMXII (August 2012) now, our State has been at a consistent diplomatic quarrel with the Kingdom of Wyvern over topics relating to racism, xenophobia, and sexism. This topic has long been the centre-piece of the intermicronational community, often to the distress of many others who deride our State. However, in pursuing the “social progress” clause of Article 8 of the Founding Law, our State has made itself a clear and vocal proponent for racial, sexual, and gender equality: a proponent that is unshaken by calls of reactionaries and moderates in the battle of social progress.

However, when Prime Minister Dullahan of Wyvern attacked King Ciprian of Juclandia recently by using the racial slur “gypsy”, both a breach of decorum and a statement merely to undermine M. Ciprian, Sandus stood against a clear example of racism and xenophobia at work: the usage of a racial slur to deride another individual. This was a clear example of a lack of respect exhibited between two GUM delegates in a formal setting and, with the precedent established by international reaction of Belarussian President Lukashenko’s homophobic comments on the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle made in private, action was endorsed by the more progressive delegations, as well as the moderate. Juclandia, Renasia, and Sandus were three such nations who vocally endorsed action to be taken by the GUM chairman who, despite great apathy to a responsibility of upholding the respect between delegates, finally relented in suspending delegate Dullahan from the GUM Lounge.

However, at that point, the Office of the Sôgmô and the Juclandian King then privately and mutually considered the idea of mediations with Wyvern to consider the diplomatic dispute. Despite Wyvernian pressure to readmit delegate Dullahan, which was later accepted in order to hold such talks, and Wyvernian effort to simply suppress the issue, Sandus and Juclandia were ultimately by the Wyvernian Prime Minister  in order to discuss such issues at the heart of the diplomatic dispute: racism, xenophobia, and sexism.

After some initial conversation, it was decided that time ought to be spent first in a sort of conference in order to understand the volatile point of view of all three governments on race relations, inequality of the sexes, as well as hatred and fear of foreigners (i.e., xenophobia). Though no time has been set for such a conference to take place, it is likely to be scheduled for the upcoming weekend. Once such a conference has been worthwhile, and has not devolved into a place of argumentative debate — which would violate the nature of the talks, a formal agreement shall be drafted by all three governments. At the moment, all three members are preparing for the mediation talks.

— Sôgmô Sörgel