Sôgmô Publishes Course Outlines

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

A few days ago, this Office made public our intention to create educative courses for new and potential citizens so that they may learn about the State of Sandus. The Office of the Sôgmô has now completed the outlined curriculum for both courses.

Founding Law & Citizens is a government course dedicated to explaining the system of government, the rights and obligations of citizens, and the policies derived from the Founding Law. In five sections, the course will delve into topics concerning a brief introduction (the System the Founding Law creates) and followed with sections on: SôgmôSocialism in SandusPolicies derived from the Founding Law, and Rights and Obligations of Citizens. This course will not only empower citizens to become active in their government, but to also openly question and express their rights. This course will be approximately 40 to 50 paragraphs long.

Sandum History: Basic Trends, Influences, and Periods is a history course focused on the eras and influences in Sandum history, government, and culture. Despite the introduction to trends and influences, particular attention is given to each government of Sandus in consecutive order: the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan (name change), People’s State of Sandus, 1st Barony (of Sandus), Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus, 2nd Barony (of Kremlum Sandus), Territory of Sandus (St.Charlian Commonwealth), and the State of Sandus. The outline notes key trends and influences for each period, such as: the swinging pendulum of Monarchy v. Democracy; Independence v. Leftist Integration; the rise and decline of cultural influences; rise of Libera and Realism; and so on. This course will likely be around 45 paragraphs.

Work shall now begin immediately on writing the ‘textbooks’ for both courses.

— Sôgmô Sörgel