Sôgmô applies for GUM Full Membership

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Our State has a very long history within the GUM. This organisation with a social-progressive environment that, in the past, has been complimentary to Sandus’s dearest principles of social equality and social justice. Despite the issues with this organisation, it has been our vital link to the rest of the intermicronational world by which we have often expressed the power of our nation and State.

We decided, of our own accord, to place our State as observers to the organisation in Decembro MMXII (December 2012) as a result of two full-members’ protests falling upon deaf ears concerning the admittance of Wyvern as full-members. It was not until late Decembro MMXII (December 2012) and Ianuario MMXII (January 2013) that our State was wholly removed from the organisation from our post as observers. It was as a result of this that the logs of the Security Council in which our removal was discussed were released. Though initially the move was opposed, once the intermicronational began to read and learn of this injustice they hastily changed pace.

Though each Winter is marked by a period of isolation, this Winter has been especially marked as we have been outside the GUM organisation — our primary link to the intermicronational world. This Winter has shown that the basis of the Sandum nation is stronger than many others have thought. Through isolation, we have celebrated wonderful feats of our power and our nation. In a few months, once the Volfa Autonomous Province becomes independent, it shall be solely Kremlum Sandus province that will be the power of the nation. Despite a closer approach to standards of a one-person state, the State of Sandus is on a trajectory of stability and advancement. And although the Sôgmô will be the last remaining active civilo citizen, Volfa is considering socilivo citizenship and the work of the past month for national opening to foreign persons will create a situation of general advancement the whole nation around.

This step of membership reapplication to the GUM is one step on the staircase of national advancement in terms of political might and diplomatic power. In addition to this reapplication, our former concerns relating to Wyvern in the GUM have been neither redressed nor addressed. Though we are willing to join the GUM once more, following the upcoming Festival of Fortuna and the Quinquatria a week ago, the voice and mind of the Sandum nation shall not be undermined by the toleration of statements of xenophobia or sexism, social injustice or inequality. Though some say these issues are not true, several months of facts and several other leading international figures stating their same concerns will serve to relay an air of social inequality and — worst yet — a spirit of toleration of social-inequality forces in the GUM: both being contrary to the progressive spirit of the GUM. Sandus, despite its application to rejoin the GUM, shall not undermine her proud and strong policies for “[supporting] the struggles of peoples who pursue […] social progress” (Article 8, Founding Law).

— Sôgmô Sörgel