Sandus Reconsiders GUM Relationship

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

It was at the beginning of the Gregorian year when Sandus was removed as an observer of the Grand Unified Micronational due to underhanded political reasons by the GUM leadership. Today, three months later, Sandus has reconsidered its present relationship with the GUM.

Sandus has a long history of involvement with the GUM. It is through the GUM that Sandus has asserted its sovereignty and political might, by defending Socialism and the equality of peoples. Many of Sandus’s allies, as well, have contacted our Central People’s Government and have asked for our State to return to the organisation as, in the words of Juclandian King Ciprian, “our absence is highly felt”. Several others have asked for Sandus to return to the GUM and, with the warming of Spring and the impending Festival to Fortuna, we have acknowledged our friendships within and history with the organisation.

The Sôgmô privately informed Sandum citizens and close Sandum allies of the State’s reconsideration of the present situation of Sandus ex-GUM. Recent events, such as Sandus’s historical opponent Zealandia leaving the GUM and the organisation’s most recent election, have prompted us to dictate the position of our Central People’s Government and to announce our plan of action.

As it is customary for our State, we are soon to greet the Spring season — where our foreign affairs and diplomacy become broader and more open. Now that the annual period of isolation is almost complete, so too is our reconsideration due.

The Office of the Sôgmô has announced that the State of Sandus shall reapply for full membership after the Spring Equinox (XX Martio, 20 March) with the hope of returning to the GUM in time for the XXXI Martio (31st of March) Quorum and the four-month anniversary of Sandus’s expulsion from the organisation. The Grand Unified Micronational has played an important role in Sandum politics, government, friendships, and history; we shall forever cherish the ground upon which our predecessors lay.

— Sôgmô Sörgel