Poetry for the Equinox

Ave, Sandum Citizens and fellow micronationalists!

The Spring Equinox is less than a week away on XX Martio (20 March). First, we should remind you to fulfil your tax duties. Your taxes are way for Sandus to put its Philosophy to action, so we hope that you will not just donate, but donate a lot to those who are suffering immediately. But for those with a malaise of the soul, we have a different solution.

The State of Sandus is often known for its poetry and its musical cooperative, Ixstrum Records. The Sôgmô often publishes poems to the Sandum Facebook page and gives them to close micronational allies for their review. Poetry has been used as an expression for thousands of years and perhaps this is seen more profoundly in the State of Sandus than other micronations.  Upon seeing the history and cultural use of poetry in Sandus, perhaps then we can conjure forth as many odes to Flora and hymns of the mind as possible to celebrate the Equinox — so those taxes aren’t as devastating!

Just as the spring flowers are peaking up from their wintry slumber, perhaps you may feel compelled to share your poems — and publish them — as the bees share pollen. Veritum Sandus will publish your poetry for others to read, reflect, and feel your malaise or your bonaise. The point here is to reflect on nature and our environments for a description of our human condition.

Consider this a poetry competition, only without winners and losers. We will simply post your poem to a compilation article and publish it as we normally do our other articles. Send your poems to the Office of the Sôgmô through any means necessary, or by kremlumsandus@gmail.com if you haven’t any other means! This article and all poems are due by the First of April (I Aprilo).

So, come on, Spring is coming! Ready those poems.