Sandus Remembers Commandante Presidente Hugo Chávez (1954-2013)

Comrade Hugo Chávez Frías (1954-2013)
Comrade Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (1954-2013)


Hugo Chávez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has passed away from a respiratory infection induced by cancer at the age of 58. He expired at a military hospital in the Venezuelan capital city of Caracas on Tuesday the Fifth. In the words of the French journal L’Humanité, un phare s’étient” — “a lighthouse is extinguished”.

Homenaje a Commandante Presidente Hugo Chávez

Comrade President Hugo Chávez Frías was born into rural poverty in the Venezuelan state of Barinas. His presidency saw his clear focus on the impoverished of Venezuela. First elected in 1999 whence he fulfilled the people’s mandate of constitutional reform and for Socialism, Comrade President Chávez cut the poverty of Venezuela in half during his tenure in the Presidency — an achievement rarely reached by any country, especially the Capitalist ones Chávez stood against — and was known for his clear anti-imperialist sentiments against the United States. Not taking American word as truth, Chávez stood against the 2003 American invasion of Iraq and joined allies that ultimately made him the antithesis of American power in South America.

Comrade President Chávez’s Bolivarian Revolution and Socialism in the 21st Century drew the support of the Venezuelan people and saw Venezuela reach greater emphasis on healthcare and education. His tenure saw the increased role of democracy, as Comrade President Hugo Chávez pioneered participatory democratic councils and nationalised key Venezuelan industries. Comrade President Chávez fulfilled the mandate of the Venezuelan People, having been elected four times to the office of president, and became esteemed around the world for his support of Socialism and anti-Imperialism. The Revolution of Venezuela he helped to create has become a staple of notoriety and support from the people of Venezuela and from peoples around the world: his revolutionary works have made Venezuela a better country and has indeed made Venezuela un phare.

Comrade President Chávez’s death was immediately mourned in Caracas by supporters and opposition, citizens, alike. American Representative José Serrano (D-NY) joined Venezuela and the world in mourning the passing of Comrade Chávez, drawing criticism from the reactionary and conservative factions of the US but support from Sandus and the rest of the reasonable world. Millions of people, Venezuelan or not — Socialist or not — Supporter or not, remember and mourn with the entire Venezuelan nation today. Sandus will join them in the customary three-day period of mourning.

Just as Comrade Chávez was strong and defiant on his death bed, so too may we the State of Sandus and all Socialist Peoples follow Comrade Commandante Presidente Chávez’s example!

Comrade Presidente Hugo Chávez: Glory to the Brave People!

— Comrade Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola