Report: Logs from the GUM Security Council

The following logs are from the Security Council of the Grand Unified Micronational. The logs begin before the SC meeting on removing Sandus and Juclandia from the GUM. Skip down to “START OF MEETING” to read the meeting logs.

Within these logs, it becomes apparent that the Council had speculated before on researching the Sandum-Wyvern issue. However, the research done not only came from a biased source (M. Lindström, an old Sandum enemy) but also the conclusions made were biased (Sandus was at complete fault, Wyvern had done nothing wrong) and not complete (there was no information nor any evidence). The reason why Sandus had always noted the biased nature of Lindström and Mar upon receiving Quorum logs (which are to be published as well) turns out to be mostly correct: when the Council is prepared to table discussions on the Sandum-Wyvernian issue and after the Council concludes that mediations must take place (which is the constitutional responsibility of the Council), Chairman Mar interjects and pushes his point that Sandus must be removed from the GUM. A motion takes place wherein three out of five of the members of the Council vote; two in favour of recommending expulsion to the Quorum (Mar and Lindström) and one in opposition (Mejakhansk). Mejakhansk questioned the legitimacy of such a vote.

Juclandia is then discussed. Mejakhansk questions the biased nature of the topic, noting it’s receiving the biased attention and support of the Secretary because he is acting on the want of his own country. The topic was later tabled (successfully, too), although the Quorum voted to remove Juclandia too.

The Council then discussed other business before the logs show Nemkhavia and Rukora resigning from the Council in protest.


(27/12/2012) 10:23:30 AM Marka Mejakhansk (Nemkhavia): Just a note. I cant guarantee my presence at the coming meeting, but i’ll do my best.
(27/12/2012) 10:26:08 AM Bradley of Dullahan (Wyvern, Wyvern is not a Security Council member): Aahh Marka, If you need information for your investigation from our me, Im more then willing to provide you with everything 🙂
(30/12/2012) 2:42:50 AM Bradley added Sebastian Schriber (Würdigeland)
2:43:24 AM Bradley: Sebastian Angus Schriber, as a member of Wurdigland and as Delegate of that nation you are entitled to also represent your nation at the Security council.
2:43:24 AM “Sebastian Angus Schriber can’t be added until they accept your contact request.”
2:46:28 AM Tom Turner (Rukora): How has the Security Council been in recent days?
2:47:17 AM Bradley: Following what ive seen, the Security council has been investigating the issue surounding Wyvern-Sandus. It will if im correct conclude that today.
2:47:25 AM Bradley: The Agenda is on the GUM talk page
2:48:20 AM “Bradley added Richard Cunningham (Würdigeland)”
2:48:38 AM Tom: Good, I can’t wait for provisions to be put in to stop all that bickering.
2:49:00 AM Richard: Thank you, Mr. van der Hoeven.
2:50:59 AM Marka: Gentlemen, I have a question.
2:51:19 AM Tom: Yes?
2:52:30 AM Marka: Does this Security Council operate a veto system?
2:52:51 AM Håkan Lindström (Secretary, Zealandia): I don’t think so
2:53:09 AM Bradley: The SC has no veto system. a majority is needed.
2:54:01 AM Marka: Ok, just curious.
2:55:22 AM Håkan: Is everyone here?
2:55:38 AM Richard: Gentlemen of the Security Council, I understand that I am only the temporary representative of Würdigeland, but may I call the latest meeting? I mean not to rush, but I’ve got places to be later in the evening, and I’d hate to miss my first appointment as Temporary Würtige Delegate.
2:55:58 AM Håkan: Lets get a move on then
2:56:11 AM Marka: The Nemkhav Federation would prefer that the meeting was not rushed.
2:56:17 AM Bradley: The Nemkhav Federation,
The Zealandian Republic,
The Würdiglander Empire,

Thos are all members and all are currently online 🙂
2:56:32 AM Richard: I say rushed, I’ve got an hour or two, but I don’t want it done later than that 🙂
2:56:33 AM Marka: but, if there is a vote to do it now, then by all means.
2:56:40 AM Bradley: I shall now leave the Council and wont disturb it 🙂

Håkan Lindström is Secretary of the Council and delegate of Zealandia.
Marka Mejakhansk is the delegate of Nemkhavia.
Tom Turner is the delegate of Rukora.
Yaroslav Mar is both the organisation’s chairman and delegate of Lostisland.
Richard Cunningham is the delegate of Würdigeland.

Håkan Lindström: Okay we have an agenda:

  • Sandus-Wyvern and Juclandia – Zealandia incidents
  • Military reporting and other associated matters
  • Human Rights
  • Other Business

Håkan Lindström: First Item I wish to discus relates to the recent actions of the Sandum nation concerning full GUM member Wyvern
Bradley: For conflict of interest ill leave, re-add me later 🙂
“Bradley has left”
Tom Turner: How bad has the situation between them got, has it gone further than the usual childish bickering and crying I’m used to seeing on a daily basis?


Håkan Lindström: Well as my investigation has found Sandus has contuinual shown its disdane to the respected policies and soverigenty of Wyvern through various means including colouring or hiding the truth of policy and has an auroa of general disrespect to the Democratic decisions of the GUM Delegates in their decisions in quourm
Håkan Lindström: It should be noted that at various other times over the last year or so Sandus has “interviened” and violated or offended many states including members of this organisation


Marka Mejakhansk: What has the Chair discovered from investigations into the Wyvern side of this dispute?
Håkan Lindström: I have discovered that Wyvern generaly as far as policy goes conforms to the standard Human Rights levels one would expect from a European nation
Håkan Lindström: Wyvern it seems also respects the right to freedom of speech so long as it does not harm others


Marka Mejakhansk: if I might address the Council.
Marka Mejakhansk: It is the view of the Federation that this dispute goes no further than a simple clash of ideals between Sandus and Wyvern. They have largely addressed this to each other, and it has slowly been falling out of currency. It is my view that this issue does not threaten either the GUM or the community, and so is not worth discussing at this Council.
Marka Mejakhansk: The Sandum delegate to the GUM is often forward, almost irritating to some, in his use of language and in media addresses. However, others would find the forthright nature of the Kingdom of Wyvern to be equally unsettling. In essence, it is a situation of point of view.
Marka Mejakhansk: Were this Council to take action against either party, it would be viewed as inherently unnecessarily heavy-handed and, without meaning to insult this Coucil, it would look as if we have nothing else to do.


Håkan Lindström: I think we must show that we can do something to sort this problem out for a harmonious GUM therefore I propose mediations beheld before we take further action
Richard Cunningham: I support Delegate Lindström. The GUM’s ability to function will be hampered by the bickerings of these two nations. It could be only a short step away froma complete and utter breakdown of relations between the two, and then that could cause detrimental effects in the GUM as a whole. This could manifest as the building of two separate power-blocs, or something else entirely. I don’t know. But we cannot let the chance of it manifest.
Marka Mejakhansk: With respect, I find that both delegates are making the issue out to be much larger than it actually is.
Yaroslav: Greetings. Sorry please for the delay, been absent.
Richard Cunningham:
“Marka Mejakhansk: With respect, I find that both delegates are making the issue out to be much larger than it actually is.”

I understand that. I’m just thinking big. Back when I was the President of the CSP, Knoll Island and New Nevada being at a constant loggerheads really made doing my job difficult.
Håkan Lindström: I move that the SC adopt my proposal and that I report back to the next meeting
Tom Turner: In all honesty, I reckon an informal warning to both parties should be enough for the moment.


Yaroslav: Gentlemen, there is something I’d like to add, Secretary permitting.
Marka Mejakhansk: There is a trend of panic through the community recently. Articles have been written about some kind of impending problem, and I feel that it is simply this: When this community gets bored, as it so often does, it decides to create problems around which it can become active. We cannot and should not fan these flames.

As the Security Council, we have far bigger concerns to worry about. For example, this SC should work to prevent real-world outside dangers from effecting the community. We saw before with “Archangel”, there are people out there in the real world who do mean to cause harm.
Håkan Lindström: So do we send them to mediation or not? also go ahead Mr Mar
Richard Cunningham: be right back gentlemen
Yaroslav: Gentlemen,

were this to be an ordinary binational conflict, it probably won’t be such a big deal. It is well-known that my opinion on both Wyvern and Sandus has always been very positive, and personally I can say that it is a shame that two so professional and respected micronations are in what is essentially stage of a cold war.

Issuing an informal warning, as M. Turner proposed, theoretically could be a solution – but I’d like to remind that during my Vice-Chairmanship I did so many times and nothing changed. And there is one thing which complicates everything.

This is not like a random delegate offending other randing delegate: this is an Observer in the GUM offending the Vice-Chair, accusing him of commiting criminal offences, such as spreading racist views, hatred and xenophobia, not only without the court’s decision, but even with no somewhat steady proofs whatsoever.

This must be stopped. We can’t allow anyone to slander our Member States, especially when our Vice-Chair is offended. Offending the Vice-Chair, Sandus offends me, the Chair, who nominated him, together with the entire GUM, who supported this nomination. The honor of the GUM is damaged by someone who is not even our member. And we may not leave it unnoted.


Marka Mejakhansk: “Yaroslav: The honor of the GUM is damaged by someone who is not even our member”

If he is not even a member then, with respect, what right does the GUM have to discipline Sandus or Sorgel?
Marka Mejakhansk: More to the point, what right does this SC have to do so?
Yaroslav: He is an Observer, and his Observership may be revoked.
Marka Mejakhansk: I’m not asking what we could do, I’m asking what right we have to do it.
Marka Mejakhansk: Surely, this could be construed as the SC removing a nation because we disagree with it
Yaroslav: Not because we disagree, because this nation offends our leadership and our entire organization together. Also, if Sandus dislikes us so much, there is no point for them remaining as even observers.
Marka Mejakhansk: Surely then, removing Sandus should be the power of the Quorum
Marka Mejakhansk: not of this Council.


Håkan Lindström: I move that the security council propose to the Quorum to remove Sandus for the above reasons.
Yaroslav: AYE
Marka Mejakhansk: NO
Håkan Lindström: Motion passed


Marka Mejakhansk: Surely we should wait until other members have voted?
Håkan Lindström: We can’t wait any longer
Marka Mejakhansk: Why not?
Håkan Lindström: We have an agenda and I am frankly in quite a lot of pain
Marka Mejakhansk: I’m sorry, but thats no reason to preclude other members from exercising their right to vote as members of this council.


Håkan Lindström: Next item, is Juclandia’s racist remarks concerning Australians, Id like to note that the Federal Council of Zealandia has asked me to raise this
Tom Turner: Which remarks in particular are we looking at?
Håkan Lindström: His numourous remark in various places over the last month or two
Marka Mejakhansk: We need concrete examples, Mr Chair.
Marka Mejakhansk: otherwise it is hearsay.
Yaroslav added Bradley
Yaroslav: As there is no longer conflict of interests, I’m re-adding Bradley to the chatroom.
Bradley: Thank you. I shall then as Vice-Chair continue to over see and observe the SC.
Bradley: 🙂
Håkan Lindström: My Government will not be accused of hearsay Mr Mejakhansk, we know it is common knowlage that HM King Ciprian has made racisit comments about Australians including one where he said that Australia should be blasted into space
Håkan Lindström: He has also on multipule occasions refered to Australians as criminals
Richard Cunningham: present chaps. Apologies for my leaving.
Marka Mejakhansk: “Håkan Lindström: My Government will not be accused of hearsay Mr Mejakhansk, we know it is common knowlage that HM King Ciprian has made racisit comments about Australians including one where he said that Australia should be blasted into space”
With respect, I’m not accusing you of anything

Yaroslav: “Bradley: I shall then as Vice-Chair continue to over see and observe the SC.”
Indeed, as I will be absent for 10 minutes (got to buy some smetana, haha)

Marka Mejakhansk: I simply request concrete examples of this racism
Marka Mejakhansk: otherwise, we have nothing else other than you word to go on
Marka Mejakhansk: while your word is respected, it is not enough.
Yaroslav: “Yaroslav: I will be absent” UPD: No, I won’t.

Håkan Lindström: Mr Mejahansk I have offered up examples, but you have to excuse me for not keeping a record of racist remarks
Marka Mejakhansk: “Håkan Lindström: Mr Mejahansk I have offered up examples, but you have to excuse me for not keeping a record of racist remarks”
If you wished to bring it up here, it would have been better.

Marka Mejakhansk: You have not offered chat logs, etc.
Marka Mejakhansk: Anything that we can have as proof.
Marka Mejakhansk: And I would ask that you do not become irritated by my questioning
Marka Mejakhansk: it is necessary to ensure fairness.
Håkan Lindström: “Ciprian Constantinescu: But, Australians are usually dicks to everyone”
Which was in response to me asking how his christmas went

Marka Mejakhansk: Hardly a sentence worthy of retribution
Marka Mejakhansk: worse things are said.
Marka Mejakhansk: Im sorry Mr Lindstrom, but you cannot weigh an accusation of racism so readily without examples that are actually racist and not flippant remarks.
Richard Cunningham: Hmmm, I am unsure of this one. I respect Zealandia, and I am fond of Juclandia’s culture, but I can’t see how either of them are in the right. Ciprian, while being one of the sole unplushed members of the Juclandian Government, does not represent Juclandia’s interests as a whole, methinks. Zealandia also is not entirely right. While I understand that with Mr. Lindström being Australian, it can be difficult to weather derogatory remarks, none of what I have seen can be constituted as racist. Harsh, yes. Racist, I’m afraid not.


Marka Mejakhansk: Also, I would like to highlight a conflict of interest here. I find that the Zealandian Government may be trying to use this Council for its own ends, and not for the betterment of the GUM etc as is its actual duty.
Håkan Lindström: I take offence at that Mr Mejakhansk
Yaroslav: I’d like to remind that M. Lindstrom is the Secretary here, M. Mejakhansk.
Richard Cunningham: Now that is hearsay, Mr. Mekakhansk.
Marka Mejakhansk: Simply my point of view.
Marka Mejakhansk: “Håkan Lindström: Next item, is Juclandia’s racist remarks concerning Australians, Id like to note that the Federal Council of Zealandia has asked me to raise this”
and it is not hearsay
Håkan Lindström: The Nemkhav Federation can expect a written diplomatic protest about that
Marka Mejakhansk: This meeting is descending into farce. I will take no further part, but I will make it known that i do NOT resign from the Council.


Håkan Lindström: I move that we move to the next item
Tom Turner: Probably best.
Bradley: Members please.
Bradley: Be calm, Mr. Mejakhansk, sometimes tough topics are to be discussed. If im correct the Zealandian government took great offence towards these kind of comments made by the person in question:

“Ciprian Constantinescu: I’ve found a solution to Australia.”
“Ciprian Constantinescu: We should move Australia to space :3”

Bradley: Might I propose that we calm, and maybe discuss this topic at a later time?
Richard Cunningham: “Bradley: move” Not blast.

Yaroslav: I second Mr. van der Hoeven’s proposal.
Tom Turner: Indeed
Richard Cunningham: Could mean the creation of an Australian Planetoid, not necessarily their deaths. Hate to sound pedantic, but the Internet can be misconstrued.
Richard Cunningham: And yes, I support Mr. van der Hoeven’s proposal.
Håkan Lindström: Aye
Håkan Lindström: Motion passed


Håkan Lindström: Next item
Håkan Lindström: Military reporting and other associated matters
Håkan Lindström: I wish to propose that we allow the secretary to produce a report with recomendations on this matter to bring before the next meeting
Richard Cunningham: Support
Yaroslav: Support
Håkan Lindström: Support
Motion passes
Håkan Lindström: I move that the secratary set up on behalf of the Security Council a monthly Human Rights and Freedom index for each member and observer of the GUM and other micronations as seen fit by the Chair of the GUM
Håkan Lindström: Aye
Yaroslav: Aye
Richard Cunningham: Aye
Håkan Lindström: Motion Passes


Håkan Lindström: Is there anyother buiness?
Richard Cunningham: Not from me.
Yaroslav: Not from me either.
Håkan Lindström: Then I can call the meeting shut and schedual the next one for the day before next quorum in which I hope Mr Marka Mejakhansk will kindly not walk out of
Richard Cunningham: When is next Quorum, may I ask? Tomorrow?
Håkan Lindström: The day before next quorum, not the one tommrow
Richard Cunningham: Ah, okay. Arthur may be back representing Würdigeland by then 🙂


(12/31/2012) Marka Mejakhansk (Nemkhavia) has left.

(1/1/2013) Håkan Lindström: A quick message I will not tolerate leaking of the votes

(1/2/2013) Tom Turner (Rukora) has left.