Sôgmô meets with Citizen Sammut, Volfa Province founded

Province Flag of Volfa
Provincial Flag of Volfa

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Citizen André Sammut has met with the Sôgmô over the past two days and has petitioned the Office of the Sôgmô over plans for the future independence of the Volfa sub-culture from the State of Sandus. Citizen Sammut noted various differences between the Sandum Philosophy and the Volfa sub-culture. The Sôgmô proceeded to work towards a solution to the matter and proposed the gradual independence of Volfa from the State of Sandus that would be due I Maio MMXIII (1 May 2013).

Though the Sôgmô pointed out the lack of rationale behind seceding from the State — as the Founding Law gives all Sandum citizens the freedom to cultural expression and conscience — he relented at the fact that such a petition, which is required to be addressed by the Sôgmô under the frame-work of the Founding Law, was coming from a continuously loyal citizen. Even as the arrangements were being made for the Volfa province’s future secession, Citizen Sammut stressed his loyalty to the Sandum ideal and expressed his heartfelt beliefs in the Sandum State. Citizen Sammut noted that such an event would be an experiment that would not mar the State of Sandus or the Sovereign People and, by looking at this reasoning, the Sôgmô concluded that the State would peacefully arrange for the Volfyn independence.

With a heavy heart, the Sôgmô sent a proposal to the citizen: his sub-culture would become a province within the State of Sandus and by the time of I Maio (1 May), a date chosen by Citizen Sammut for its celebration of Spring and Labour, the province would become a sovereign state, with the hopes of becoming a Socilivo state. Citizen Sammut noted such actions being taken in the past and hoped that he may become a Sandum citizen once more in the future if Volfa should fail as a sovereign state, whereas the Sôgmô stressed the stability of the Sandum State under the Founding Law and that Volfyn statehood would not change the path of the State.

Citizen Sammut, who presented this petition to the Office of the Sôgmô, finally agreed to the proposal. Volfa has now become the second province in the Sandum State, after Kremlum Sandus, with the Sôgmô promising that reforms shall take place in the Spring to further secure the stability of the State so that such actions will not happen in the future. Amongst those reforms to take place will be: the expansion of the number of citizens and provinces and their central link to the Central People’s Government; tax reform; a formal, written definition of the Sandum Philosophy and its topics, values, and ideals which shall be enshrined in the Office of the Sôgmô; the further involvement of Sandum citizens in their government, under the Sôgmô’s authority.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.