Quite Painful Indeed, M. Mar

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

In a recent interview with the A1 News Service, GUM Chair Yaroslav Mar said, “That’s why I was so saddened when motions to expel Sandus and Juclandia have been brought to the Quorum. Of course, my first reaction was to vote in an ardent opposition to them.”
However, in reality, it took Chairman Mar 16 seconds, from the beginning of the motion to his vote, to condemn Sandus to expulsion, about as long as it takes to type the word “oppose”. Chairman Mar, instead, voted in support, one of four that voted in support. Three out of seven voted in opposition to the motion, which was contested as a result of the Chair ruling the motion passed in a matter of 1 minute and 11 seconds.

“From [Lindström’s ‘researches’], it was clear that accusation of Sandus and Juclandia were, sadly, not unfounded, which leaded to me making one of the most painful decisions throughout my micronational career – vote for the expulsion of Sandus and Juclandia from the Grand Unified Micronational.”
Quite painful that it took Chairman Mar a matter of 16 seconds to support Sandus’s expulsion, upon the advice of reports which were made in secret to the Security Council, where Sandus could not defend herself, and where GUM members could not attain an objective, unbiased view. Quite painful indeed, M. Chairman.

At least Chairman Mar showed more remorse when it came to Juclandia: it took him a matter of 31 seconds to vote in support of their expulsion.

Let us defend the State from injustice and inequality!
— Sôgmô Sörgel.