The Majesties Jubilee – Beginning the State Festivities

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Each year on XXI Decembro (21 December), our State celebrates the assertion of our independence from the world with the Majesties. Dating from 21 December 2009 when the Nation proclaimed the foundation of the first Barony of Sandus, this day marked the creation of the path of Libera politics which would stress our national sovereignty and independence.

Today, this day is also marked often as the Winter Solstice (except on leap years), the most important of the four annual administrative days. Each year, when the State votes and collects its taxes for the last time of the year, the State affirms its sovereignty by benevolence, by democracy, and by the force of the Sandum philosophy.

Libera is known for its strong importance on the Nation’s sovereignty and independence: from 2009 when we asserted our independence from the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia, to today when we assert our independence foremost across the intermicronational world, the State is pursuing the strength and protection of the Sandum State and its cultural Nation. No matter the variations in governments over the years, the State — our longest and strongest government — is advancing today the banner of political sovereignty, national defence, and economic preparation and self-reliance.

Our Nation began its philosophy with the Sandum Value — with Buddhism and Socialism. It was the Majesties which founded Libera as a politic in our State, which stressed our independence and sovereignty. In the textbook of Sandum history and in the calendar of Sandum political events, the Majesties helped to begin modern Sandus with the shaping of Libera. Though the modern Sandum State begin on XX Februario MMX (20 February 2011), our two main political policies — Libera and Realism — had roots in Sandus’s early history. The Majesties is that celebration, the celebration of Sandum assertion for its independence. Today, we see Sandus as a state to be reckoned with: we master a culture the treasure of the intermicronational community, we run a stable and democratic political system, and we assert the complete independence of our State.

And, so, with the Majesties, the State holiday season kicks off: from February to May, we celebrate the several important holidays of our State. On the date of the assertion of our sovereignty, the State will begin to prepare for this most auspicious holiday season and shall prepare several projects — an exhibition of Sandum art, literature, and music and a concert of Sandum socialist and philosophical music — for the celebrations dedicated to the State.

With the Majestiesle Secessiole Foundatio, Revolutionaries’ Day, Remembrance Day, and le Creatio,
the State shall pursue national independence and socialist prosperity!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.