Marching Forward for Proletarian Internationalism

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Pursuant to the instructions of the recent Party Congress in November of this year, it has become important for our State to focus on the bilateral international relations of our State with other ideologically and politically similar states as Sandus. Following the guideline of the Party for proletarian internationalism, the international model for cooperation between leftist states, our State shall serve to fulfil the guideline of the Founding Law of the State of Sandus, which reads:

Article 8. The People of Sandus pursue policies of peace and cooperation with foreign states in accordance with socialism and the People’s society and shall promote and strengthen comradry amongst socialist states. The People pursue policy to strengthen the state abroad, strengthen the people and socialism abroad, support the struggles of peoples who pursue national liberation and social progress, and prevent instances of aggression and war.

Following the Founding Law and the wishes of the Party, the State of Sandus shall embrace its Socialist Comrades with fervent spirit for the Advance of the State and its government. In pursuit of the State’s Founding Law and the decree of the Party, the Party Secretary will be invested with certain powers as ambassador plenipotentiary to states in solidarity, a position which remarks the very nature of the intended purpose: to establish and maintain the comradery and solidarity between Sandus and other Socialist and Leftist states.

At this moment, Comrade Secretary Thompson is compiling a list of states in which Sandus will pursue diplomacy and peaceful socialist cooperation.

Let’s Advance the State through peaceful cooperation and the strengthening of Socialism!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.