Policy Projections: I – VIII Decembro MMXII

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

We have celebrated Athena’s Day.
We have consecrated the State Polytheist Shrine to Athena and All the Gods.
We have worked on the list of Sandum colloquialisms and sayings in our parlance.
We have studied bureaucracies and their evolution and implementation throughout history.
We have studied other cultures for the purpose of Sandum cultural advancement.
We have been preparing for the Winter Solstice by reviewing the current ballot and by reminding citizens to fulfil their taxes.

In the upcoming week,
We shall continue working on the list of sayings, colloquialisms, and symbols used in Sandum parlance and language.
We shall work to implement the outcomes of the CCPS Party Congress.
We shall work to commence the Sandum Cultural Authority and prepare for its activity in December.
We shall pursue the idea of establishing a Sandum website that will incorporate Veritum Sandus, Channum Unum (Livestream & YouTube), the Sandum Facebook Page, and the pages about Sandus on MicroWiki.
We shall edit and renew articles related to Sandus on MicroWiki and MicroWikia.
We shall study bureaucracies and civil services and how to create the same in Sandus.
We shall work to expand our citizenship by raising awareness of Sandum values and citizenship to those outside of our realm.
We shall prepare for the Winter Solstice administrative day with finalising ballots and reminding citizens of their taxes.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, l’Una A Decembro MMXII, to the 8th, l’Huita Decembro MMXII, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days on the 9th of December, le Nuova A Decembro MMXII.