VoS: “Realism: Pushing Forward to Order and the Advance”

From the Voice of Sandus:

Ave, Comrade Citizens!

Our intermicronational community has witnessed renewed chaos lately — chaos over the direction of its states. The last of the large federations — St.Charlie and Nemkhavia — are waning. Many have argued that these states do not have chaos, but several facts make this obvious and clear: Nemkhavia has a provisional government and only recently pulled out of joining Francisville, recently independent Kozuc already has talks of “war” amongst the Monterey states and may create an empire with Prsanea, the St.Charlian National party has lost its only-recently elected chair. The new direction of these states are shaky at best.

Sandus has not had these issues, though, in some time. Though some ridicule our State for its seriousness, professionalism, and — especially — for Realism, our State has not seen a major direction change since le Foundatio or 13 April 2011. Around the time of le Secessio this Gregorian year (2012) and the end of the last Sancta year (MMXI), this State began to implement Realism along side Libera.
And see where we have gone since then.

We have solidified our Order and we are pushing towards the Advance.
The Party has garnered a real, democratic function in the State.
The State has advanced tremendously, especially since the creation of the Philia Policy to supplement Libera.
The Office of the Sôgmô has led the forward Advance bearing the State and Party Flags.

Unlike our own previous history of momentous changes, we have remained stable for over a year and a half. However, it is because of Realism that we recognised that these “federation-esque” policies would fail. Citing the essay on the Activation Energy of micronational governance, Activation Energy: Political and Scientific, the leadership of our State stressed the amount of energy required to form these federations, which few micronations have. While others have stressed the micronational importance of having fun and ridiculousness, we have stressed the importance of the Advance and of the gravity of micronationalism. We have attended conferences to present our philosophy, we have donated our time and money to charity, we have created our own culture, we have created a working democracy and a working republic. All these we have done with Realism. And we still have more work to do.

Therefore, let us push on to the Advance!

Gaius Sörgel